Putting a Solar-Powered Purifier through its paces

Tested: SteriPEN Freedom Solar

Our attitude about drinking water is better safe than sorry, particularly when traveling outside the United States in places where water is known to be contaminated. We sent our correspondent to Costa Rica for the final installment of The Road to La Ruta armed with the SteriPEN Freedom Solar ($105). While the water in Costa Rica is generally safe to drink, the CDC warns of hepatitis A and typhoid -- and we didn’t want that coming back to HQ.

A Bug Zapper For Your Water

SteriPEN AdventurerOpti

You used to have three options when it came to purifying your drinking water in the backcountry: boiling it, hand pumping it through a purifier, or treating it with iodine tablets. With the SteriPEN, there is now a fourth, more high-tech choice: zapping the invisible critters with ultraviolet light. As someone who’s always used the...

And Then There Was Water... Clean Water

SteriPEN JourneyLCD Handheld Water Purifier

Whether you’re vacationing in Mexico or hiking the Catskills, there’s nothing worse than pulling off an Oregon Trail fatality… dysentery. Okay, perhaps that’s a stretch, but sickness caused by unsterilized water is high-up on the list of potential excursion quagmires. Technology to the rescue. The >SteriPEN JourneyLCD is a travel, handheld water purifier that simplifies...

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