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In good hands

Capelli Stool by Carol Catalano

We don't give a lot of thought to the design of stools when it comes to choosing furniture for our pads. You can choose some cheap jobber from Ikea or you can find something that makes a statement. The Capelli

Blitz Drill

Festool CXS Drill

Designed for performance in a compact package, it isn't a stretch to call the Festool CSX Drill ($275) the BMW of drills -- hailing from the 80 year old German power tool company. The single, 2 lb driver functions as

Your Basic Stool with a Nifty Trick

Kikkerland Easy Fold Plastic Step Stool


At Gear Patrol our love for clever practical items runs just as deep as our love for the ridiculous. These space saving stools from Kikkerland may not draw as much excitement from you as some of the other products we've

How Recycling & Little Work Become A Man Cave Must

Keg Stools


To your better half, owning a Keg Stool ($99) may represent the antithesis of classy living, but in our opinion these custom beer keg conversions still have man cave written all over them. Sold as DIY kits, each package

A Classic Vintage

The Emperor Seat


Etsy is a veritable treasure trove when it comes to finding unique items. There's definitely some crap on there, but the gems are worth the search. Recently, while searching around the site, we stumbled onto The Emperor