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Sonos Sub

Sonos’ Play:3 wireless HiFi speakers were a huge hit when they were first released in the middle of last year. Great sounding audio quality from a wireless product isn’t always guaranteed, but the Play:3 did the trick. The one the portable

MacBook Got Bass



The new Apple MacBooks manage to hold their own when it comes to sound, but anyone looking for a little oomph will be sorely disappointed by the sheer lack of bass. As is to be expected - this is a laptop

Velodyne MiniVee 8 Subwoofer

Velodyne-MiniVee-8-Subwoofer.jpgGood things can come in small packages. Right? Right. The Velodyne MiniVee 8 is a hard-hitting subwoofer that will round out any man's home theater. Built with an 8" woofer made of Kevlar, mounted to a diec-ast aluminum basket and powered by 1000 watts