Summer Preview 2015

2015 Edition

America’s 65 Best Festivals

Summer is about getting out. So to cap off our 2015 Summer Preview, we've updated and remastered our Best American Festivals guide with 15 new must-do events, new photos and more.

Summer Preview 2015
Yes We Can

10 Canned Craft Beers to Drink Now

Today, at least 400 craft breweries are canning more than 1,400 beers. These 10 are the best of the major styles, from double IPAs to strong ales.

Coastal Fame

Postcard: Bondi Beach Blues

Australia's famed coastal hot spot proves that for some, summer really never has to end.

Summer Preview 2015
A Gin Mojito, Need We Say More?

How to Make: The South Side Cocktail

Opinions are split over who invented the South Side -- but everyone agrees that it's delicious. Laura Lashley of The Breslin demonstrates how to make one.

Summer Preview 2015
An Offshore Account

Diving Belize, Seeking Decompression

After a long, fairly uneventful dive on an unnamed reef in South Water Caye, Captain Malcolm steered toward us toward a small, distant island. As we drew closer, I could make out a few small boats and some activity on the beach. Then came the distinctive smell: barbecue.

Summer Preview 2015
Your Guide to Getting Outside

25 Best American Microadventures

Microadventures don't take excessive amounts of time or money. They also don't take excuses. Here are the 25 best trips to slip into your summer plans.

Summer Preview 2015
No, Not a Selfie Stick

Elements: Music Festival

This isn't Woodstock, and it's not the club. Festival gear is hardy, versatile and subdued — you're there for the music, man, not the scene.

Summer Preview 2015
Think Globally, Drink Locally

On the Joys of Tropical Beer

One of the sublime joys of a tropical vacation is the beer. The ones that come in brown bottles with peeling labels and caps that you knock off on the edge of a table. Beers with names like Belikin, Polar, Banks, Sands, Sol, Belashi, Kalik or Three Coins.

Sear, Flip, Eat, Repeat

The 10 Best Grills of 2015

Days are getting longer and sleeves are getting shorter. Summer is coming in hot and fast and that means it's time to man the grill.

Summer Preview 2015
Billowing Fragrant Smoke

5 Stogies for the Backyard BBQ

Light up to warmer weather with the best cigars for your BBQ, golf outing or back porch.

Summer Preview 2015
Switch One Ingredient for the Perfect Margarita

How to Make: A Tommy’s Margarita

Learn how to make a damn good margarita from the best (not your boozy aunt). The Breslin's head bartender, Laura Lashley, offers expert instruction.

Summer Preview 2015
The Reboots, New Installments, and Fresh Faces of Blockbuster Season

The Complete Guide to 2015’s Best Summer Movies

Our shortlist of films to look forward to this summer, from blockbusters to documentaries and everything in between.

Summer Preview 2015
Drink Your Wheaties

10 Best American Wheat Beers

If you associate wheat beer with Blue Moon and a slice of orange, this is your primer to the world of American brewers doing something more with their wheat malt.

The Best Dune Buggies

Off-Road Toys for Grown-Up Boys

Pavement, dirt, sand, mud, it's all the same: a surface for achieving speed. These power slingers put power to your lead foot.

Summer Preview 2015

The Complete Guide to Fishing Eight American Cities

Modernity hasn't left fisherman many beautiful spots, but damn if that's gonna stop us. These eight cities prove that you can get away within the city limits, and that some of the best fishing in the country doesn't depend on a distant locale.

Summer Preview 2015
Lighten Up

5 Fresh Fragrances to Wear This Summer

It’s time to trade in your heavy musks for a scent that's crisp, clean and approachable. In the summer heat, both you and your date will breathe easier.

Summer Preview 2015
Powder Power

Outlaw Sweat with Body Powders

Wetsuits are cool. Wet suits aren't. Avoid them by hitting the body powder during summer.

Summer Preview 2015
Skip the Psychopathy, Soak up the Effortless Summer Style

A Style Guide to The Talented Mr. Ripley

Though we wouldn't recommend gleaning general life lessons from Mr. Ripley and co., the cast of this iconic film knew how to dress. Here are a number of modern pieces to help you achieve the same effortless look.

Summer Preview 2015
Summer. Time.

7 Watches of Summer 2015

Put down the Patek. These seven watches are perfect for summer adventures -- and they're all less than $1,000.

Summer Preview 2015

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