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Clothes that keep up

Nonetheless Garments

Nonetheless Garments is a new Chicago clothing brand dedicated to creating stylish menswear that can also withstand the fluctuating weather conditions of commuting. The magic all starts with using advanced materials like Polartec NeoShell, which has twice the airflow of

Black & Decker Power Monitor

Now You Know... And Knowing Is Half The Battle

Black-Decker-Power-Monitor.jpgBeing the savvy, well-educated Gear Patrol technophile that you are, you’ve certainly noticed that one of the most consistent wallet wasting trends of recent months has been the steady increase in energy costs across virtually

Paperwork Recycled Storage Basket

Paper Basket?

paperwork-recylced-paper-wastebasket.jpgRecycled paper as a storage basket. Clever. The Paperwork Recycled Storage Basket from Mocha comes with a purposed design: to banish clutter. Not a new concept, I know. Rather, the unique premise of this storage basket comes from the fact that it's made from

Belkin Conserve

Live Green And Still Live Easy


As self a proclaimed technology addict it's been hard justifying my desire for national sustainability considering that even while turned off my home theater has enough lights glowing to rival the Vegas strip. I jest not. belkin-conserve.jpg

Honeywell Programmable Thermostat

Being Green = Making Green

Honeywell-Programmable-Thermostat.jpgOne of the single greatest ways to save money is controlling your home's energy usage. The average household spends $2,000-$3,000 over the course of a year on energy bills. With a simple $50 investment and an hour of your time,

Voltaic Backpack

Charged Up, Eco-Style

You can’t exactly plug your iPod into the nearest tree.

Ahhh, the great outdoors. There’s nothing like the fresh air and open spaces that Mother Nature provides. The GP crew

Why Your Next Car Will Be A Diesel

The Argument for Diesel Powered Vehicles

2009 BMW 335d

GP.EDITORIAL.gif By Bradley Hasemeyer & Eric Yang: With the arrival of the 2009 BMW 3-Series Diesel, quite possibly the most ubiquitous

Venturi Eclectic Electro-Solar Vehicle

Energy Autonomous Ride With Atonomous Styling

Round up the wagons Maggie, we're goin' green (Stephane Foulon)

Before you yell "what the f**k" at your monitor, think about this for a second... the Venturi Eclectic is a energy-free

Lotus Eco Elise

lotus_eco_elise-thumb.jpgWhat makes an already incredible sports car an even better one? A touch of eco-ness. Enter, the Lotus Eco Elise. A Lotus Elise made of sustainable materials (hemp hard top, sisal and hand applied water-based paint), flexible solar

Hudson Furniture Inc. Knight Base Table


Sustainable means anything but blasé. Case in point - the Knight Base Table. Hudson Furniture creates elegant and sophisticated designs with an organic feel and sustainable parts. Its wood slabs are sourced domestically from storm damaged and salvaged trees. The Knight is a custom handmade

Brunton Solaris i6 Foldable iPod Charger


There are some things in this world we just can’t be without. An iPod is one of them. Here in New York, I find being without my iPod actually makes me irritable. Want to make sure that it’s got juice wherever your adventure takes