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Today in Gear: July 15, 2013

Swims-48-Hour-Bag-gear-patrol-tig Swims 48 Hour Bag
Lest this bag be so generically considered a "weekender", Swims makes it clear it's meant to be used for 48-hour stints anytime. It's a straightforward navy-colored ordeal with leather handles and details, and because this

Style Pick: Swims Helmut Lace Up Boots

Just because you prefer not to ruin your best shoes in foul weather, doesn't mean you have to settle for clunky footwear. Swims Helmut lace up boot combines the looks and comfort of a modern desert boot, with 3M Scotch Guard

Rain Nor Snow Shall Disturb Thine Shoe Shine

Swims Classic Galosh

swims-classic-galosh "In like a lion, out like a lamb..." That famous adage* New York City Mayor Bloomberg quoted pretty much sums up my thoughts on March - a month marked by both nasty late Winter and early Spring weather. You men