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Today in Gear: June 20, 2014

Today in gear: Harley-Davidson's first ever electric motorcycle, Winnebago's new retro-inspired RV, Apple's cheaper iMac and more.


Today in Gear: July 16, 2013

Nokia-Lumia-1020-Gear-Patrol Nokia Lumia 1020
Ever get passed by an eighteen wheeler while driving a Mini? That's what it'll be like comparing the pictures your current phone takes with the 41MP beasts the new 1020 cranks out. Thanks to a ball-bearing-stabilized

T-Mobile G1

Knock Knock. Who's There? G1, Yo.

T-Mobile-G1-android-google.jpgThe speculation has ceased, the first Google powered cell phone has finally arrived. Dubbed the T-Mobile G1, this new open source (think: not Apple) rebel will hit retail stores October 22 and cost a reasonable $179 with a

T-Mobile Sidekick iD

T-Mobile Sidekick iD Well, there was some hype about it, but the Sidekick iD launched with not too much fanfare besides the fan-blogs. We're just glad to see it come out with a price that's easy to swallow if you don't mind