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Better Than Anything You Could Write In

Direct Designs Notebook Grill

When the calendar turns to August, the sports world looks pretty bleak. Yes baseball is in full swing, and NFL training camps are underway, but there isn’t much else to occupy our interests. Fortunately, it does bring us one step closer

For the Frugal Trailer Park Dweller in All of Us

The Beer Belly

the-beer-bellyWe wouldn't be going too far out on a limb if we proposed that beer improves just about any situation, even running a marathon. Much to our chagrin though, beer isn't always allowed in every setting, at least if you're

Pong A Long Portable Beer Pong Table

Throw Down Anytime, Anywhere

A man's college years are crucial testing grounds for good and bad ideas. Hindsight shows downing six shots of whiskey and streaking the dean's lawn was a bad idea. Kissing your best friend's girl afterwards probably was too.