Supercharge your phone with some new software

The 40 Essential Apps for All Your Gadgets

You can have best-in-classed gear with specs that will make the angels cry, but they'll still be worthless without software that actually helps you do the things you need to do.

If You're not using one you are asking for trouble

Why You Need a Password Manager (And Four to Try)

Writing down passwords on a notepad, or just using the same password for everything, may have served you well so far, but these are high-risk strategies that are going to leave you exposed sooner rather than later.

Not all features get the limelight they deserve

5 Tricks You Didn’t Know Your Favorite Tech Was Hiding

With a little bit of exploration, user manual spelunking and pushing the limits of what manufacturers actually endorse, you can pull a lot more out of your tech than you would have expected on paper.

CES 2020

Nikon’s Insane Zoom Camera Is Getting an Upgrade

The new Coolpix P950, still packing the same bonkers 83x-zoom capability as the P900, folds in 4k UHD video capability and image stabilization, along with dedicated modes for specific targets.

The flip phone reborn and looking better than ever

Flip Phones Are a Better Idea Than Ever

With its 6.2-inch folding plastic OLED screen, the new Motorola Razr is an unabashed nostalgia gimmick, but it might be the phone of my dreams despite that.

Streamline your photo nightmare

How to Use Google Photos To Reign In Your Photo Library

Google Photos is free, powerful, available on all platforms, and even comes with free cloud storage, all of which makes it the easy go-to choice for consolidating and organizing your photo library.

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