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Five years ago, Mexicans who sold tacos out of the back of a van were targets of the health department. Now, kids from suburbs buy trucks, sell mashup tacos, and get their own TV shows. How did they do it? The inspiration they received from TED. Building on the millions who have absorbed the ideas...

Daily Briefing: 8.25.11

Puzzlewood was Tolkien’s Inspiration for Middle-Earth. We see the Resemblance. Retronaut The Most Beautiful National Parks…as Seen from Space Wired What’s it Like to Have Your Film Flop at the Box Office? Conan the Barbarian Screenwriter, Sean Hood, Answers. Quora Playboy’s 1985 Interview with Steve Jobs Txtpost Magic Meets the iPhone in this Clever TED...

Sam Martin: The Quirky World Of “Manspaces” (TED)

Sam Martin, the Editor-in-Chief of Design Mind discusses the instinctive, visceral need of men for their own space. In his speech at 2009’s TED Conference (the thinkers of our time), Martin shares his research and findings of “man spaces”. His insights are not far from what I’ve seen permeate modern-day men’s culture both mass (Into...

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