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Patriotism to a Tee

Declaration Shirts

Having just celebrated this Nation’s birthday, our patriotism is running high and we recently stumbled upon just the tee shirts from Declaration ($24) to embody it. Inspired by our country’s struggle to become a free nation, Declaration draws from colonial heritage and American revolution themes for their designs. Themes that shaped the very foundation of...

Famous for their game and mane

Nike Hair-itage Player Tees

Normally we avoid the funny t-shirt racket because our dorm room days are behind us. This new line of Hair-itage Tees ($20) just tugged too strongly at our inner sports fan to be ignored. The series features some of the most distinguished stashes, mullets, beards, and sideburns to ever grace the diamond, testing your knowledge...

Be the Black Sheep

Filson Merino Wool T-Shirt

Wear a wool t-shirt? You’d probably rather roll yourself into a sheet of fiberglass insulation after soaking in corn syrup. For many years now, synthetic activewear have been all the rage for their warmth, ability to dry quickly and overall comfort. Synthetics tend to channel modern adventurist and climber extraordinaire, Ed Viesturs, while wool echoes,...

Officially Licensed By Disney, No Joke

Bloc 28

When a friend initially mentioned this brand to me, I laughed.  The idea of wearing a licensed Disney tee featuring their classic characters as depicted by renowned graffiti artists sounded like a lost Chapelle show skit. Sure, anything is possible, but a union between the world’s last bastion of sheltered family fun and block-attuned hip-hop...

Ten Bills $10 T-Shirt

Original Designs, Unique Style You might think that with a name like Ten Bills, you’d find a place to buy value priced t-shirts. You’d be partially right. Ten Bills consider themselves much more: Ten Bills is not just a team of t-shirt lovers. We’re music lovers and we’re art lovers. We love to love! We...

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