A Winning Bundle

Vizio M-Series TV

For the price, you can't get a better 4K Ultra HD TV. And it comes with a tablet to boot.

Knowledge beyond the tech

The Case Against the DIY Home Theater

You can buy the best speakers and projectors out there, but as the experts we consulted will tell you, there's a lot to consider with the room itself.

Understanding the Stat Sheet

Home Theater Terms, Explained by the Experts

Foot-lamberts, 4k, Dolby Atmos and more -- these are the terms you need to know (and the ones you can ignore) for constructing your awesome home theater.

Home Theater Issue
Reassessing the classic home theater faceoff

Projector or TV: Is It Even a Contest?

Cost per inch of screen. It's the kind of fuzzy value calculation that warms many home theater shoppers to the idea of buying a projector in the first place. But is it really that simple?

Your Picasso might be jealous

Samsung S9 UHD 4K TV

If four times the number of pixels of the current Full HD standard can’t satisfy your lust for the bleeding edge, then the “unprecedented design” of the Samsung S9 UHD 4K TV should do the trick. The so-called “Timeless Gallery” frame mimics the look of an easel and allows the monstrous screen to rotate up...

CES 2013

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