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high and dry

Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

To soothe the discomfort of a damp, rocky and generally pokey forest floor when camping, ground-bound tenters have to make sure they’ve come equipped, which is a drag en route. The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock ($140) combines the comforts of being high, dry and comfortably cradled during your next forest foray.

No assembly required

Kelty Mach 6 Air Pitch Tent

Camping is awesome. Simple as that. Where it does get a bit hairy, though, is in the construction of your own personal nature suite, the tent. Even at the best of times, getting one put together and upright is still a

This kind of space would run you around $1,800/month in the city

Stoic Arx XL 2 Tent

If you’ve avoided enjoying the great outdoors because you can’t stand being cramped into a stifling claustrophobic tent, check out Stoic’s Arx Xl2 ($188), a tall camper 2-person tent that’s as lightweight as it is spacious. Although the entire structure

Bivy Be Gone!

Easton Kilo 1P Tent

We all get to the point where we just want to be alone. For those who use camping excursions as that outlet, rejoice. The Easton Kilo 1P ($348) is here. Weighing in at a hair over two pounds with short

Summer's portable penthouse

Tepui Roof Top Tents

Now that summer's just around the bend, it’s time to start thinking about making the most of your weekends again. But, if your idea of car camping is heading for the nearest KOA with a Honda Civic jammed full of Sports

Ripping the tent out of tentative

FieldCandy Tents

FieldCandy is a trail blazing tent company that brings a hipster sensibility to the great outdoors. As they see it, a tent's exterior should reflect the personality of the camper. So instead of pumping out generic shelters, they've collaborated

Two Bar Garage


As much as we want "YardStash" to refer to especially epic upper lip sweaters, the term has already been claimed by a company who hopes you’ll buy a tent, instead of a shed, when your gear overfloweth. To keep things safe from

Tent, evolved

Jet Tent

Built by Aussie firm, Oztent, the Jet Tent ($1,099-$1,599) combines smart engineering with aircraft-quality materials and mechanisms to make tent setup a breezy affair -- something that's all too often lacking in large, multi-person tents. Coming in 3-6 person

A Tent Without Poles

Nemo Morpho 2P

What’s next – a car without wheels? From the, “why didn’t I think of that” category comes the NEMO Morpho 2P ($350), a lightweight backpacking tent that eschews conventional aluminum poles for

Portable Protection From the Elements Done Right

Nemo Gogo LE Bivy


Bivy sacks represent an excellent shelter solution for any trailblazer seeking all-weather protection without dealing with the weight or pack bulk of a tent. Nemo's Gogo LE Bivy represents a better solution than competing models though on a variety of

Featherlight. Weatherstrong.

Marmot Den 4P Tent


With space for a family of four(+dog) or just a group of friends(+gear), the Marmot Den 4P Tent is an essential for any camping excursion that involves more bodies than just your own. The Den 4P provides 64 square feet

Hannibal Rooftop Rack and Tent


From the Sahara to the Adirondacks there's nothing quite like going on a camping excursion in a Land Rover (substitute Toyota's Land Cruiser, GM's Hummer or any Jeep depending on preference). Why mess with a ground tent when you can loft yourself to the

Eureka N!ergy 1210 Tent

eureka_tent.jpg Camping doesn't always have to be so rough. The Eureka N!ergy 1210 tent brings you the ability to sleep eight in two rooms with two doors and a gear loft. It has 4 windows, 2 mesh roof vents and sidewalls to let in light