The Macallan

Ensuring your scotch survives, even if you don't

The Flask by The Macallan x Oakley

The fine single malt makers at The Macallan have teamed up with Oakley to create a limited edition box set and spirits container packed with enough raw masculinity to rob the entire Expendables cast of decades of sequel paychecks. While the traditional groomsmen pleaser is designed to serve as a portable and discrete vessel for drinking on the go, The Flask is a boldly designed, laser welded masterpiece whose material spec sheet reads like the space shuttle's.

Shot for shot

The Macallan Masters of Photography Collection: Annie Leibovitz

Although we’d still drink their famous single malt if it came splashing around in a McDonald’s cup, Scotch whisky maker Macallan insists on providing the same amount of attention and care to what goes on outside of the bottle as they do to what’s inside. Since its launch a couple of years ago, Macallan’s Masters...

Drams Upon Drams

Tasting Notes: A Quartet of The Macallans, Visual Edition

Recently, Brand Ambassador for The Macallan, Graeme Russell, invited GP to dinner in snow-slogged Boston for a scrumptious dive into the fascinating world of scotch. Now, what more could one ask for in an evening than drams of scotch, steak, and expert insights. Not much, we say. So, with the company of Russell and other...

Holy Cacao

Compartes Black Collection Chocolates

We don’t come across too many sweet treats worth sharing, but after learning that the Compartes Black Collection ($30-$55) is made with ingredients like Guiness and 15-year-old Macallan, we found ourselves unable to hold back. At their base, each chocolate truffle set is made from fair trade single-origin chocolate ganache. They’re then differentiated by a...

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