Hot Coffee, un-Burned Crotch

10 Best Mugs for the Morning Commute

Life seems to get difficult quick if you can't bring your coffee with you; but if you spill, your treasured drink can become a mortal enemy. Nobody wants that. The solution: a great travel mug.

Car With Attitude, Gear to Match

Kit: 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle

Any serious car collector will have home-grown American steel in his garage, and the 1972 Chevelle would be an excellent place to start. But don't you dare take it for a drive without going whole hog -- your gear needs to complement the Chevelle's bad self without sacrificing a strong sense of red, white and blue style.

Celebrating 100 years as working man's best friend

Stanley 100th Anniversary Vacuum Bottle

If you’ve ever ventured into a cold winter morning with your old man, there’s a good chance you’ve drunk coffee the best way it’s served: piping hot, with steam rising out of the top of an old Stanley Thermos’s cap cup. To celebrate 100 years of that stoic pea-green metal friend, Stanley is releasing its...

Fizzle, Out.

Stanley Nineteen 13 Carbonated Drink Bottle

There are plenty of canteens designed to keep your beverage of choice ice cold or piping hot. But we’ve never come across one dedicated to the carbonated side of the drink spectrum until now. The Stanley Nineteen 13 Carbonated Drink Bottle ($24) features a high-pressure design for keeping soda — or more importantly, beer —...

Keep Cold Drinks Just That

Thermos Element 5 Vacuum Insulated Hydration Bottle

Sure, that insulated coffee mug you picked up at Starbucks keeps your java warm in the morning, but what about this Spring and Summer when you’re looking to keep your cold drink, well, cold? Thermos is a brand you probably recognize, and their Element 5 Vacuum Insulated Hydration Bottle keeps your drink cold (for up...

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