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Tie one on


You can never have enough ties. Taking the burden off of grandma, your girlfriend and your wallet, FreshNeck ($15+) offers a huge library of neckpieces (along with bowties, cufflinks, pocket squares and other assorted style items) for your perusal and rental. The service works because of some inherent laws of manhood.

They're not fat, they're just big-boned

Skinny Fatties

We're not all in on the skinny tie phenomenon. But they're absolutely a part of your style arsenal and happen to be in big time right now -- besides, those extra-bloated wide-os make you look like your fat uncle. Brooklyn-based Skinny Fatties has the simple, cost-effective and good-looks-inducing solution:

Style Pick

Etro Striped Knitted Cotton Tie

Ties disappeared from the office faster than fax machines once the silicon valley teens-turned-CEOs labeled them as "fun workplace" enemy number one. But if Etro's combination of classic American colors and Italian knit work doesn't add pop to your typical uniform of oxfords and jeans, nothing will. Combine the strong stripes with a solid shirt in lighter colors and be the one uomo in a room full of boys.

Style Pick: Apolis Organic Hand Dyed Linen Tie

Spring time always holds a particular soft spot for fashionistas. After long months spent covering up in warm attire, the change in season is duly celebrated with a liberating explosion of style. Not to be outdone, social fashion enterprise Apolis presents

Tie one on

OoOtie Bow Ties

Bow ties are a nice sartorial addition to any wardrobe. When used correctly they can project confidence and a tad of stylistic swagger sure to earn you compliments. If you're looking to start a collection of bow ties or add to

Made by hand, worn by neck

Dolbeau Neckwear

We’ve all been drawn in by the department store display tables, teeming with overlapping ties that look as if they just finished battling an arsenal of color grenades. That doesn’t make it right when you succumb to the life-size kaleidoscope though.

Handmade in New York

Mountain & Sackett Ties

Mountain & Sackett has been turning out handmade ties in New York’s garment district for 57 years and, in recent years, they’ve been going stronger than ever. Some of the credit is due Al Gore’s Internet, as it's allowed the

A Tie With Your Name On It...Seriously

Otis James Custom Neckwear

The necktie. Thanks to a timely rebirth of vintage styling, what was once the largely vilified mascot for corporate enslavement has become an expressive wardrobe necessity. But in a world full of cheaply made factory-assembled neckwear, do yourself a favor and

Your Summer's Skinny Tie

The Windmill Club Ties

Skinny ties are now a veteran accessory for the style seekers (hell, everybody and their mother are making them) not to mention a staple accessory for guys looking to spruce up an otherwise plain looking shirt. At least that's what fashion

Rebel Rabbits for Your Easter Outfit

Psycho Bunny Satin Gingham Tie


If celebrating Easter is part of your plans this weekend, try mixing up your look with a little help from Psycho Bunny. Definitely in line with the obligatory pastel color schemes that will blind many an onlooker come Sunday, they're certainly

Restating the Case of the Classic Silk Striped Tie

Smart Turnout Old School Ties


Kids in Brooklyn and the fashion powers-at-large may be doing their damndest to convince the world the skinny tie is king, but that doesn't mean they're necessarily right. Standing firmly in defense of the classic male look obtained with the help

American Made J.Crew Alternative

Pierre Pont Hicks Ties


Rising from the men's fashion hotbed of Minnesota, Pierre Pont Hicks was launched this past year by husband and wife team, Kat + Mac. Their backgrounds are quite the dichotomy, with Mac hailing from real-estate development and construction

Style Q&A: What Knot to Wear?


When it comes to tie knots, does one size fit all or should I have a few in my repertoire?

Casey - Peoria, IL

answer-iconCasey - There are several variations on the classic knot but

Squared, Not Square

The Hill-Side | Ties, Pocket Squares, Handkerchiefs


Between your new love of vintage style and the goods that you own, there lies a gap. Perhaps. Perhaps that gap is between the highly structured ties of your college/job interview days and the style of tie befitting of your weekender

Be a Better Man in 30 Days | Day 20: Upgrade Your Work Style


By Gear Patrol reader Mitch Granger For most of us, dressing for work involves little thought. We wake up, put on the obligatory pieces of clothing that insure we're appropriately dressed based on our position and office environment, and walk out the

Vittorio J Skull & Crossbones Tie (Win A Tie!)

vittorio-j-skull-and-crossbones-necktie2 Thanks for everyone! This contest has ended. We will announce a winner later this afternoon. Check back for the winner. There are a few tie patterns that will always be classic: varsity stripe, warren check, or skull & crossbones. Yes,

J.Crew Satin Bow Tie


Wherever your political credences reside, it's undeniable that our new Commander In Chief can also command a suit. At the Inaugural Ball on January 20th, Mr. Obama paired a bowtie along with his tuxedo and, though little is special about a bow tie+tuxedo, this

J.Crew Tie Of The Month Club

12 Months Of Prep


This past weekend Anthony made an appearance at a prep themed MBA party in Chicago. Ironically, he's not pursuing an MBA but that's neither here nor there. Regardless, while packing he seeked out prepster sartorial advice in me. Long story

Democrat or Republican, Support Your Party With Ties

Vineyard Vines Donkey And Elephant Ties


Now that the Democratic and Republican conventions are finally upon us, there's no avoiding politics. We suggest subtly showing your party support with these classic Elephant and Donkey printed ties from Vineyard Vines. You are, after all, a man of discerning taste. Made of

J.Crew Skinny Knit Ties


Amp up your wardrobe with one of J.Crew's new slightly preppy, but laid back Italian silk knit skinny ties. About 2 inches at it's widest point, the Italian made ties will pair with your white oxford shirts and a pair of chinos. Throw a

J.Lindeberg Dressed Wool Tie

J.Lindeberg Skinny Wool TieEvery men's wardrobe arsenal should be equipped with a black tie, a skinny tie if you're a braver dresser. They pull a bit of chic, a bit of beek and a bit of attitude that makes them unique altogether. The