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Today in Gear: July 11, 2016

Reflective climbing shoes, a smart new roof rack system, rings made from bourbon barrels and much more.

What's New, Now

Today in Gear: February 11, 2016

A super-limited run of Japanese whisky, a wallet that charges phones, a vintage-inspired high-grade carry-on and more.


This Week in Watches: February 9, 2016

Girard-Perregaux reissues the Laureato, a movement with a 70-day power reserve, the world's most affordable Swiss-made tourbillon chronograph and more.

Live From Salt Lake City

Best of Outdoor Retailer, Summer 2014

You know it's time for another Outdoor Retailer show when South Main Street in Salt Lake City is populated by fat bikes, single-wheeled skateboards and tan people with good beards. We had boots on the ground at the Salt Palace Convention Center for the summer 2014 edition of the biannual product show; of everything we touched, tasted and saw, this gear stood out most.

Playing the Field

Watches Tough Enough to Wear in the Field

Field watches tend to be ignored among the tool watch set, mostly because their definition is a bit less clear than divers' or pilots' watches. In fact, a field watch's rugged build and clear dial markings makes it the perfect candidate for all sorts of expeditions. These five are particularly excellent candidates for bumps and bruises, be they from scree-scrambling, brush-clearing or desk-bumping.

We Tick Off the Latest in Watch News

This Week in Watches: April 22, 2014

This Week in Watches we examine Swatches gone large, Fliegers gone small, space Luminoxes, ceramic Bell & Rosses and more.


Today in Gear: January 21, 2014

Today in Gear, we find Nike cleats, 'Murican made jeans, a Bahaus-inspired kettle, a clean and simple Timex watch and much more.

Today in Gear: December 17, 2013

HeadPorter Tanker Standard 3-Way Briefcase Pretty much anything modeled after the MA-1 fighter jacket gets a thumbs up from us. The satin-finish nylon outer of this fly new bag belies the wildly flashy orange lining within. There are, of course, pockets galore, but the best trick is that it triples as a briefcase, a shoulder...

Uncomplicated, for your wallet

Buying Guide: Affordable Complications

Watches that simply tell time are a dime a dozen, and sometimes close to a dozen a dime. But start adding more functions and things can get complicated -- and expensive. While we’re just starting to forgive the quartz watch for dealing a near death blow to our beloved mechanical timepieces, there’s no denying that when you want more bang for the buck, battery power is the way to go. You’ll pay dearly for dual time zones, flybacks, alarms and tide trackers on the mechanical side of the fence, but if you’re willing to put up with a tick-tick-tick seconds hand, we’ve found five watches that are happy to complicate your life for under (or around) five hundred dollars.

Go forth and perform

Kit: Summer Running

Warm weather: we can’t say enough good things about it. There’s something noble about putting on cold weather gear and sticking it out all winter, but running in the summer, sweat pouring off your brow, hat and clothing looking like the Bonneville salt flats, the first sip of Heed after a 20 miles in the scorching heat, runner babes in short shorts -- this is pure, unadulterated sport pleasure. Here’s the gear we’re wearing. If you’re prepping for a race or just like to hit the pavement for an hour after work, this stuff has performance written all over it.

Buying Guide
Ferris Bueller's (Summer) Day Off

Kit: Summer Fridays

Summer Fridays are a thing to be put on a pedestal, the ultimate luxury for 9-to-5, Monday to Friday working stiffs. They're a chance to bug out as soon as possible, to hit the road or jump a train to the beach, a cabin in the woods or some other resplendent getaway. In any case, we can't just go into a summer Friday unprepared, men. We cannot go silently into that good mini vacation. What we need is a kit -- the perfect gear for the perfect summer Friday getaway.

Summer Preview
Diver down

Go Deep: 7 Best Dive Watches

Even if your aquatic adventures never go beyond a beach snorkel, summer is still a great excuse to strap on a dive watch. Timepieces designed for wet work also happen to be perfect companions for backyard barbecues, weekend cabin trips and afternoon doubleheaders. It’s no wonder the dive watch remains one of the most popular timepiece categories, thanks to a decidedly sporty and casual vibe that wears well with board shorts and t-shirts, and an overbuilt ruggedness that can stand up to the inevitable scrapes of summer shenanigans and those impromptu night swims. But while there are a fleet of watches that try to capture the adventurous spirit of the diver, a select few go a little deeper. We round up seven of the best new ones for you here.

Summer Preview
Slick, tock

Timex Easy Reader

We realize that extreme sports junkies like our Ironman-in-training may need need extreme (and pricey) gear to suit their badass exploits, but there’s quite a few active Joes out there who want a watch that works in the field and in the office. The Timex Easy Reader ($65) is perfect for these (equally important) less...

No tsunami function

Timex Adventure Series Tide Temp Compass

Timex has come a long way since the 60’s and 70’s and the “Takes a licking and keeps on ticking” slogan. From their now broad Adventure Series comes the unique Timex Tide Temp Compass ($170) watch. Not just a chronometer but a multifunction analog timepiece that is has a bona fide tide tracker, temperature sensor...


Timekeeping: Timex E-Altimeter

Like a carbon fiber racing bike ridden by a 350 pound couch potato, the Timex E-Altimeter ($200) has the ability to make you look somewhat active without a Herculean effort on your part. With a sophisticated analog dial that goes beyond the oft pedestrian aesthetic of the “takes a licking and keeps on ticking” brand,...

Time Travel

Timex Reissue Watch

Even after a good year or so of solidly classic releases by the oft athletically associated watchmaker (a la “Ironman” digital), people forget that Timex began with classic American watches. They recently upped the style quotient with the release of their Reissue watch ($110-$125). Fresh out of the Mad Men storehouses, this beautiful and extremely...

Italian Design, German Engineering: The Best of Both Worlds

TX Watches 730 Series FLY-Back Chronograph

TX watches are designed and constructed in Europe, the standard for and origin of quality watches. The TX brand is a member of the Timex watch family. They are undeniably good looking and come in a number of styles that range from very sporty orange rubber bands to sophisticated black leather. A particularly good-looking watch...

Classic Indeed

Timex Classic Camper Watch

The Timex Men’s T18581 Classic Camper Watch ($20)could not be more aptly named. With timeless (not literally of course) styling, and durability you can rely on, this is a watch that is a true American classic. Its sleek black profile means it will accent any wrist, at any age, anytime. Yet the engineering and design...

Go Quant on Your Fitness Routine

Timex Ironman Global Trainer GPS + Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Attention serious gadget/fitness addicts. Your watch has arrived. TheTimex Global Trainer GPS with heart rate monitor ($325), exclusively at REI. No, it isn’t the first watch to offer dual GPS and heart rate monitoring features, but our inner 5th grade geek is somewhat partial to the All-American Timex Ironman brand. It also gives the competition...

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