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This Week's News on Wheels

This Week In Motoring: February 15, 2016

Top Gear will have seven hosts, Alpina builds a faster 7-Series, the US Government says the Google Car's computer counts as a driver and more.

This Week's News On Wheels

This Week in Motoring: April 13, 2014

Hamilton takes his second win of the 2015 F1 season, Marquez makes it three-for-three at CoTA, The AMG GT3 graces the Nurburgring and more.

This Week's News on Wheels

This Week in Motoring: February 16, 2015

The Bathurst 12 Hour race sees a fantastic finish, Cadillac struggles to break free of its past, evo's Track Car of the Year is decided, Daniel Ricciardo takes on Top Gear and more.

This week's news on wheels

This Week in Motoring: February 2, 2015

Toyota has Rally plans, Top Gear is back, an Aventador SV was spotted in Spain, more F1 cars are unveiled, Nick Offerman celebrates NASCAR and more.

Jack of all wheeled trades

30 Minutes With: Tanner Foust

He's been a stunt car driver for Iron Man 2. He's the all-time medal winner (nine total) in RallyCross at the X Games. He won the Global RallyCross Championship. He's got a degree in molecular biology. Tanner Foust is clearly a well-rounded individual -- and he's not all go go go. He's also the co-host of the American version of Top Gear on the History Channel, now in its fourth season. How he finds the time to thrash the track, co-host a TV show and bone up on human physiology is beyond us, but we were able to spend a few minutes with Foust to talk about his upcoming projects and what gets him going.

The Land of the Morning Calm shakes things up

In Depth: The Rise of Hyundai

A number of years ago, a Hyundai Motor Company executive was quoted as saying something along the lines of, “We want Hyundai to make the kind of car you want to buy, not the kind of car you have to buy.” As a teen, I distinctly recall the emergence of the South Korean automaker’s first...

Drive Obstinate

TomTom Top Gear Edition

Five years from now, preschoolers may look at aftermarket GPS systems in the same puzzled way today’s youth looks at Pong. Despite their doomed existence, though, the idea of having Jeremy Clarkson’s dry voice begrudgingly spout off directions in the TomTom Go Live Top Gear GPS was just too much for us to ignore. Outside...

It's Biblical

Ministry of Top Gear Presents: The Alternative Highway Code

The absurdist humor of the Brits is the stuff of Pythonic legend, and it lives on in the pages of this brilliant piece of literature: Britain’s traditional traffic handbook as reinvented by the boys of Top Gear. Filled with unbridled sarcasm, general silliness, and automotive expertise, you need only peruse the index to find page...

Don't Call It A TOYota

Arctic Trucks | Vehicle Conversions

There’s a race that you may or may not know of. It’s a 320 nautical mile ski race to the Magnetic North Pole. It’s called the Polar Challenge, and it’s a grueling test of cold weather stamina and human achievement. But today’s post isn’t about the Polar Challenge. It’s about an Arctic Truck, or specifically...

The Thrill of Victory!

Top Gear Season 10 Giveaway – Winners!

Well, lads, we certainly appreciate all of you who chimed in with agreement for or addition to our list of great Top Gear moments. We have it on good authority that the Stig was equally impressed with your encyclopedic knowledge of his most excellent show. Now, in reward for your diligent attention and gear-headedness, we...

All We Know Is They Call Him The Stig...

Top 10 Top Gear Moments Of All Time (Win The DVD Set!)

Gents, we’re outspoken fans of Top Gear here at Gear Patrol. Perhaps it’s the unrelenting wit, humor, and sarcasm of Top Gear’s dynamic trio: Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May, and their infamous fourth: The Stig. Perhaps its the barrage of outrageous challenges and races across the world. Perhaps it’s the idea that someone, somewhere,...

Clarkson: Heaven and Hell

If any of you men know much about automobiles then you’ve probably heard of Top Gear. BBC’s take on auto reviews, in television format. Not just a regular television show though, an incredible program with Hollywood blockbuster production levels. Undoubtedly, it’s co-host and anchor, Jeremy Clarkson that brings much of the show’s panache. His DVD,...

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