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Rule the Land/Air/Sea With These 10 Remote-Controlled Vehicles

You can spend as little or as much as you want on a remote-controlled vehicle (you'll see shortly that there are far more than cars available), but what each one delivers is huge fun in a small package -- and, in some cases, the kind of performance that shames the full-sized deal. Here are ten great remote controlled vehicles that are worth your time, your imagination and some of your hard-earned cash. Just be prepared to fight over them with your kids.

Tiny wheels, big dreams

Playforever Toys

Miss racing your old toys across the tile floor? Playforever toys ($28-$60) -- cars, motorcycles and airplanes -- will have you practicing your engine revving noises in no time.

Short on legroom, big on fun

Automoblox A9-S Convertible

We've loved Automoblox since they emerged on the model car scene a few years ago. Who are we kidding? It's really an excuse to buy your kids a toy that you will end up playing with. One of their newest releases,

My Mini Golf

myminigolf.jpgMyMiniGolf brings mini golf to your backyard or really anywhere you have a flat surface. You can place the obstacles in any arrangement essentially creating as many difficult or simple holes. Double up the sets and let your mini golf imagination go at