How Yoga Can Improve Your Athletic Practice

Talking Yoga and Mountain Biking with Ryan Leech

Ryan Leech is a professional trials mountain biker, yogi and all-around nice guy. We sat down to ask him how yoga and mountain biking work together and how athletes can incorporate yoga into their own athletic practice.

Become a Knockdown Shooter

How to Improve Your Jump Shot

Ask any expert on the subject and they’ll tell you the same thing: the only way to get better is to get on the practice court -- or the backyard net or the school gym -- and start shooting.

Aiming to Break 10 Hours at Lake Placid

BMX King Dave Mirra Takes on Ironman

With 24 medals, Dave Mirra is one of the most dominant athletes in the history of the X-Games. Now he's taking on triathlon.

Bring Back the 100-Meter Dash

Why I Hate Running

Like clearing gutters or negotiating with a car salesman, everything about running infuriates Matt Neundorf. In fact, he fucking hates it.

Coming Soon to a Converted Parking Garage Near You

The 10 Programs Ruling Fitness in 2015

Soul Cycle and CrossFit begat a wave of new fitness programs. Beat the office fitness buff to the punch by brushing up on these current and upcoming selections.

Lets Talk Soviet Strength

Meet Pavel Tsatsouline, King of the Kettlebells

Some know him as the "Evil Russian", others as the kettlebell guy. Whatever you call him, Pavel Tsatsouline is one of the most important names in strength training.

Shooting the Breeze with Jason Day

Jason Day Reflects on the Masters, Fitness and Shoelaces

Jason Day, currently Australia's best golfer, just didn't have it at the 2015 Masters. But he knows he can do much better. A day after the tournament, he talked about what went wrong, diet, exercise, and how he cheats.

Testing Gore's Ultimate Running Jacket

A Technical Jacket For Style-Conscious Runners

As the snow melts, it's getting safer to actually run outside. GP writer Tucker Bowe tested out the Urban Run Jacket by Gore Running Wear. Here's his review.

Not Just for Double Dutch

Reenergize your Workout with these 5 Jump Ropes

Tired of running and lifting weights? Switch up your workout. Jump roping exercises can improve endurance, burn calories and even build muscle. Here are the five best available today.

Buying Guide
10 New Obstacles and "Urban Mudder" in 2015

Is Tough Mudder’s Newest Obstacle Tear Gas?

Tough Mudder, which currently produces 150 events in 7 countries, will add 10 new obstacles, redesign its existing obstacles and launch a brand new event series called Urban Mudder.

Smooth Is Fast

How To: Train for Cyclocross Like a Pro

You must have a finely tuned engine to compete in Cyclocross, but highly polished techniques can save you huge amounts of time over the course of a race. UCI cyclocross World Cup overall champion Lars van der Haar put on a clinic for us in Los Angeles, where he recommended polishing these five skills to boost overall 'cross performance.


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