Tube Clocks

Time Tube

Cold War Creations Glass Nixie Tube Clock

Nixie Tub Clock ($245) from Etsy maker Cold War Creations is a stunning display for checking the time and temp. It’s elegant cylindrical glass case mirrors the shape of its internal Soviet IN-14 Nixie display tubes, while downplaying the presence of the modern circuit boards which make them work, and ironically boast more computing power...

It's Like Some Kind of Hot Tube Time Machine

Chronotronix V400 Nixie Tube Clock

Dropping $415 on a clock may not be the most prudent use of your hard-earned cash, but then again the Chronotronix V400 Nixie Tube Clock isn’t on the same playing field as the bed side device you bash each and every morning. Featuring six Nixie tubes embedded within a cherry wood base that’s topped off...

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