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Today in Gear: July 6, 2017

A GPS device for lost luggage, an electronically adjustable walnut desk, an exquisite fountain pen and much more.

What's New, Now

Today in Gear: May 10, 2016

Minimalist bicycles straight outta Detroit, sneakers we can't wait to get on our feet, an unhinged Dutch track car for the street and much more.

Give the Gift of Good Style

17 Perfect Gifts for the Dapper Man

Shopping for a man with encyclopedic sartorial knowledge can be difficult (so picky!), so let our style experts guide your giving.

12 Guys of Christmas
Dress Well

This Week in Style: September 4, 2015

PUBLIC SCHOOL collaborates with TUMI, Givenchy gives hundreds of Fashion Week tickets to the public, Lyle & Scott x Barclays develop the first Contactless Jacket and more.

What's New, Now

Today in Gear: April 29, 2015

Asus's ZenBook Pro looks to rival the Macbook, a peak into TUMI's new Alpha Bravo collection, a tough-as-nails wireless speaker and more.

Save your shoulders

The 10 Best Carry-Ons

These carry-ons have ample storage space and can be wheeled from terminal to terminal.

Taking the Alpha Out of Beta

Testing the Tumi Alpha 2, Concourse-Style

Can a piece of luggage have a successor? Tumi, the venerable brand practically synonymous with domestic airports, believes it can with the release of the Alpha 2. The carry-on/check-in sequel incorporates a slew of improvements -- ranging from overdue to practically invisible -- in the gangbusters popular flagship line. Across its 30 improvements, the Alpha 2 boasts an impressive 14 patents. To test its mettle, we made our way to the Alpha 2’s arena: airports.

Today in Gear: March 11, 2014

Today in Gear, we look at leather duffles, suede jackets, vibrant fabrics and a collaboration between a beer brewer and Jameson Irish Whiskey.


Today in Gear: February 24, 2014

Today in Gear, we check out a Lotus motorcycle, Tumi luggage for Fido, a spare tire grill, Jack Black's winter skin remedy and much more.

If you're between a soft and a hard case...

The Best Hard-Shell and Hard-Side Suitcases

In the good old days of train travel a gentleman would have a cavalcade of steamer trunks in tow, housing all manner of wardrobe, knick knacks, accoutrement and what-have-yous. These days, a guy's lucky if his rolling carry-on isn't checked at the gate. Thankfully, weary traveler, technology is on your side. We're pleased to introduce to you the best hard shell suitcases we would find, each a convergence of all the necessary requirements for travel, each unique in its own way.

Buying Guide

Today in Gear: September 24, 3013

UpDesk UpWrite Some people pay a pretty penny for the privilege of not sitting while they work. You don’t have to be one of them — instead pay only a reasonable amount to stand and slave away. This electrically adjustable standing desk features a whiteboard surface for your doodling pleasure, and it’s shaped so treadmills...

Beyond Your Standard Messenger Bag

The Best Modern Takes on the Commuter Bag

Once you've got your bike, which you should by now, the next step is to pick up the appropriate accessories. For commuters, second only to a helmet is a suitable bag that holds the necessities and, beyond that, meets specific, personal work- or looks-related criteria. The next thing to consider is the style of bag -- backpack, messenger or something else entirely? We've got all of the above, with a preference toward backpacks.

The Founder's Reserve

Staff Favorites: Eric Yang

The ninth installment of our Staff Favorites series features none other than GP founder, Mr. Eric Yang. Eric is, cliche be damned, the heart and soul of our team, and his vision and aesthetic define everything you love about what we do. Few people know that he can survive for days at without food or water, subsisting on a diet of symmetry alone. His first language was Photoshop. Helvetica was inspired by his childhood doodles. Michael Bay calls him for advice on being epic; errors fix themselves once caught in his knowing gaze. He was "old school before old school became new school". He is the most fastidious man in the world. As we've found to be the case with all our staff, the gear speaks to the man.

Staff Favorites

Today in Gear: May 31, 2013

adidas Consortium Boston Super OG Originally introduced in 1984, the Boston Super OG style was meant to pay homage to the eponymous marathon. It’s been re-released this year, and certainly imbued with more meaning. The gray, navy and red colorway provides keen visual contrast and, in a muted way, invokes the flag — a fitting...

Integral travel companion

Tested: TUMI Tegra-Lite International Carry-on

I have terrible luck checking luggage, and the list of destinations where I’ve arrived with only the clothes on my back spans the globe: Iceland, Sri Lanka, Portugal, Germany. The problem is, most carry-on bags are unwieldy, anonymous “roll-aboards” or lumpy backpacks that are better suited for campus or the trail. The TUMI Tegra-Lite ($595) bucks those trends and has quickly become my second favorite travel companion, behind my wife.

“Everything in Africa bites, but the safari bug is worst of all.”

Cool Hunting x Tumi Safari Duffel

Our friends at Cool Hunting recently returned from an eight day safari in the South Luangwa National Park and designed a special edition of Tumi’s medium Alpha duffle specifically for the trip. Besides striking the ideal balance between size and weight, (which is often strictly monitored on Safaris) the Cool Hunting x Tumi Safari Duffel...

Convertible Carry-All

Tumi Alpha Bravo Travis Backpack

Tumi breaks the mold of sleek modern bags with its new and unconventional iteration of the rugged rucksack. The Travis Backpack ($395) combines the versatility of their normal bags and luggage with the rough hewn look of a military pack. It also houses enough stowage options for even the most demanding pack animals: external zip...

Smooth and Ready

Tumi Tegra-Lite

Travel enough and you come to appreciate the advantages of hard-shell luggage. Their no-nonsense design, impact-resistance and durability go hand-in-hand with the frequent traveler routine. The problem is, hard-shell cases often weigh more than their soft-shelled counterparts. Tumi aims to change all that with their new line of Tegra-Lite ($595-$795) luggage. Made from an armor-like...

Noel Nomad

Gift Guide 2011 | 10 Picks for the Traveler

The person who coined the phrase “getting there is half the fun”, clearly never had to travel by air, train, bus, or car during the holiday season. No amount of planning can ever guarantee a smooth journey, but having the “right tools for the job”, as they say, will go a long way towards making...


Tumi x Selectism Alpha Four-In-One Duffle

Luggage powerhouse Tumi has revealed a new limited edition collaboration with the style-focused, globe-trotting team at Selectism. The midnight blue duffle was designed, first and foremost, to be the go to solution for quick business trips, without being confused for your run-of-the-mill carry-on. Subsequently, it includes all of the standard features you’d expect for keeping...

Essential Gear: 20 Best Travel Gadgets

When it comes to traveling you may still rely on tried and true packing lists, but it goes without saying that gadgets and tech, have become both welcome and obnoxious additions — so much for packing light. In this Essential Gear feature we bring you our list of travel-tech endorsements, field tested by the GP...

Dropping the Lug In Luggage

Tumi Vapor Luggage | Medium Packing Case

That ratty suitcase you’ve been lugging since your semester abroad? Chuck it. It’s time for some modernization in the luggage department. We’ve had the Tumi Vapor Medium Packing Case ($495) with us on several, mindbendingly-long excursions this past month and Tumi’s claims of hardside protection and lightweight maneuverability are indeed present and accounted for. Read...

Tumi Tote. Minus The Tote.

Tumi Alpha Bravo Belvoir Daily Tote

Tumi’s Alpha Bravo line just got a little more functional with the Tumi Belvoir Tote ($250). Touted as Tumi’s most versatile tote, the Belvoir Daily Tote functions well for work, travel, or casual endeavors. As you’d come to expect, the bag is constructed using Tumi’s renown ballistic nylon with black leather trim. After a rough...

Question: Is It A Backpack or Duffel? Answer: Yes.

Tumi T-Tech Quest Duffel Backpack

Before you pick up both a backpack and a weekend duffel, consider the Tumi T-Tech Quest Duffel Backpack. Made of 78% recycled material, the T-Tech Quest brings the Tumi T-Tech line’s mix of functionality and organization packed into a lightweight and durable piece of luggage. The only thing is, this isn’t luggage. It’s part backpack,...

Tumi Travel Charades

The holiday travel season doesn’t mean you have to bring along bulky games to keep yourself entertained. The Tumi Travel Charades features 56 suggestions on plastic sticks for acting out songs, movies, books and more. The entire games is housed in a compact leather, tubular case with a zip top making it easily packable. I’m...

Tumi Packing Cubes

GP Protocol Rule #13 states that men should know how to pack. That being the case, having the right luggage and luggage accessories is essential, especially for those longer trips. Luggage stalwart Tumi, has an ingenius luggage accessory aptly named Tumi Packing Cubes. They’re ideal for organizing your socks, ties and other smaller items. Larger...

The Style Maven | 2007 Gift Guide

Tim Gunn of Project Runway (not that you or I watch the show) would tell you that he’s a style maven. We might agree with that, but a sense of style is appropriate for any man – not just ones who run fashion empires. Taking an extra minute to make sure your shirt is pressed,...

Tumi Travel Power Kit

On the go and on the move. It’s seemingly an increased part of our lives in addition to the number of gadgets we carry. Keep the hassle of charging them all at bay with the Tumi Travel Power Kit. Tumi’s power kit provides a universal way to charge your your phones, smartphones, PDA’s and cameras...

Tumi T3 Ducati Carry-On Duffel

The Tumi+Ducati Collection is an award winning line from Tumi that rocks out high-performance Ducati inspired design sculpted in Tumi’s exclusive, abrasion- and stain-resistant Hybrix fabric. The T3 Carry-On Duffel has easy-to-pack duffel styling in a convenient carry-on size. It includes a myriad of interior and exterior pockets and a removable shoulder strap. Other Key...

Tumi T-Tech Pulse West Broadway Wheeled Carry-On Convertible Backpack

We promise the case works far better than saying the name. Ballistic nylon goodness from the stalwart manufacture, Tumi. It fetaures multiple pockets for accessories–even a water bottle–plus hide-away shoulder straps. Best of all, it’s available in Flame Orange only. Exterior Features: Two front zip pockets Vented water bottle pocket Side pocket Ergonomic, padded, stow-away...

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