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A Heavy-Hearted Take on Today's 24

A Eulogy for Jack Bauer

One Gear Patrol writer's love of 24, and his dismay at the state of the show's recently renewed run.

Boardwalk Empire VFX Breakdown

Visual effects, sometimes referred to more broadly as CGI, have always been a cornerstone of “movie magic” since their initial development in the late 1960s. While action blockbusters have deservedly gained notoriety for pushing this technology to extremes, the truth is that almost every big budget film project uses them liberally — and in far...

There's epic miniseries, and then there's this

Band of Brothers & The Pacific Blu-ray Box Set

Two epic miniseries, in 1080p, produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, in one limited edition box set. That about sums up the Band of Brothers & Pacific Blu-ray Box Set ($135) which is slated to hit shelves on November 8th. Whether you’ve caught the occasional re-run on the History Channel, or missed these series...

From the Producers of Entourage Comes HBO's Latest Comedy

How to Make It in America

This Sunday, those of you who subscribe to HBO should check out their newest comedy series How To Make It In America premiering at 10PM. Produced by the same folks who brought you Entourage a.k.a Mark Wahlberg and Jada Miranda, this show follows the paths of two twentysomethings living in New York city searching for...

Family Guy Season 6 DVD

Family Values At Their Best It’s time to start memorizing a new set of episodes boys. Yup, you can finally own the Griffin clan’s latest set of misadventures on DVD. With a total of 12 episodes ranging from season 5 to 6, and guest appearances by celebrities like Willem Dafoe, Drew Barrymore, Adam Carola, and...

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