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We're Gonna Need a Bigger Wall

A Millionaire’s Guide to Mega TVs

The home entertainment arms race has evolved to include factors like pixel counts, connectivity and even screen shape. But the importance of size...that will never change. Meet the TV heavyweights of 2014 that redefine big.

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Buying Guide
We're Gonna Need a Bigger Wall

A Millionaire’s Guide to Mega TVs

The home entertainment arms race has evolved to include factors like pixel counts, connectivity and even screen shape. But the importance of size...that will never change. Meet the TV heavyweights of 2014 that redefine big.

See the Difference

Panasonic TC-PZT60

February of 2009 was a sad month for videophiles: Pioneer, maker of the critically acclaimed Kuro ("Black" in Japanese) line of premium HDTVs with best-in-class blacks, announced that it was throwing in the towel. Carrying the torch for the ailing plasma market fell to Panasonic, who dutifully purchased many of Pioneer's patents. While consumers saw plenty of bells and whistles grafted onto TVs launched in the following years, no set managed to best the Kuro's picture quality -- until now. Panasonic's flagship ZT60 series ($3,000) has finally dethroned the king.

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You've never seen anything like this

LG Hecto 100-inch Laser Smart TV

Laser beams. Why aren't laser beams everywhere? It's 2013 -- we're supposed to be living in yesteryear's science fiction by now, right? Leave it to the not-so-mad scientists at LG to second that notion. This 100-inch Smart TV (but one of many Smart TVs from LG) has a laser diode-based light source, which means more displayable colors with richer saturation, and since lasers are, well, lasers, the picture is fast enough to practically eliminate motion blur.

The screen of your dreams

Want This, Get This: Sharp Elite PRO-60X5FD or Panasonic TC-PST60

If you’re like us, you have a long list of gear you’d love to own. But reality (almost) always steps in, along with bank accounts and eagle-eyed spouses, leaving your gadget desires unfulfilled. Gear Patrol’s series "Want This, Get This" presents a lust-worthy piece of gear along with a more affordable alternative that scratches the same itch. In this installment, we put the Sharp Elite PRO-60X5FD and the Panasonic TC-PST60 head to head.

Well Slung

Slingbox 350 and 500

Since 2008, Slingbox has served as media middleman for TV-addicted travelers. Capitalizing on under-used, over-priced cable service was great at first, but standard definition streaming is something not even the lowest rent smartphones do anymore. The Slingbox 350 and 500

A big, bright future

Sony 84-inch XBR-84X900 4K TV

The future may not be televised in 3D after all, so how about 4k? Earlier this year, we saw a few prototypes at CES, and now Sony has officially announced its first set, boasting 3840 x 2160 resolution chops in

Leading LED

Sony KDL-55HX850 HDTV

Sony’s latest flagship KDL-55HX850 bundles internet connectivity, immersive 3D capabilities and Motionflow XR960 to into a 55” LED backlit beast. Add in Skype, Netflix and Pandora at a button press away, and all those set-top boxes littering your living room

Peer into the future, without the crystal ball

CES 2012: Our Favorite Booths

We kicked off 2012 by visiting not-so-beautiful Las Vegas to attend CES, with the hope of getting a head start on the exciting new products that will launch over the coming year. While we'll continue to highlight gadgets revealed

Two of the best get better

Samsung UNES8000 & PNE8000 TVs

Samsung's flagship TVs are always contenders for top honors in terms of picture quality and features each year. While their remarkable OLED TV garnered the lion's share of the spotlight at this year's CES, the company's latest premier LED and plasma

The world's first Android 4.0 Smart TV

Lenovo IdeaTV K91

After fizzling out with its initial release, Google TV is expected to make a resurgence this year at CES thanks to updated software and the renewed support of TV manufacturers. Lenovo's 55-inch, LED backlit, IdeaTV K91 does include a touch of

Look into the future

Toshiba Regza 4K 3DTV

There are cutting edge TVs, and then there's Toshiba's Regza 55X3 (known as the ZL2 in Europe) whose spec sheet reads like it was DeLorean-ed back from 2015. The 55-inch set is one of the first consumer TVs to sport

Home sweet home theater

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As rabid movie, music fans and gamers, we're always on the hunt for gear that can push our home entertainment experience to 11 (much to our better half's chagrin). This roundup includes some of our favorite home theater products out

Über Compensating

Sharp Aquos 80-inch LED HDTV

Owning a 55-inch flat screen TV seems pretty damn sweet — that is until you mount it next to Sharp’s Nimitz-class LC-80LE632U. With an 80-inch diagonal, this full LED backlit HD 120Hz TV features more than double the screen area of

Fire and Nice

MCZ Scenario Fire

The season for fire building is something we're all trying to forget now, but planning ahead never hurts. This striking wall installation is actually composed of a free-standing steel structure that can contain either a gas or wood burning fire pit

Screen Out Mother Nature

Ciil Technologies Weatherproof HDTV

We’ve put men on the moon. We’ve broken the sound barrier many times over, both in the air and on land. We’ve even cured Polio and managed to inject sweet cream into golden cake sticks of deliciousness that can remain edible

A Set Apart

Philips Cinema 21:9 Platinum HDTV

Sick and tired of seeing those black bars diminish your television's big cinematic ego? So is Philips. After raking in praise from the home theater community for their first attempt at a cinemascope 21:9 HDTV, Philips has now released the
Google TV by way of Sony

Sony Internet NSX-GT1 HDTV with Google TV

Logitech may have struck first blood in the Google TV race with their Revue set-top box, but the Sony Internet NSX-GT1 series is the world's first HDTV line powered by Google TV. Here's the skinny. Announced in sizes of 24, 32,

Never Miss Oprah Again



Portable televisions have come a long way from the battery-powered-anvils they used to be. Witness the FLO TV. Measuring 4.4'"x3.0"x0.5" and weighing just over 5 ounces, this sleek, pocket-sized machine brings in close to 20 TV channels including CBS, Comedy Central,

A Big, Bright Picture On A Bargain-Basement Budget

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 700 Projector


Here at Gear Patrol, we're nothing if not out-and out-video geeks. Our passion runs wild for television, movies, games, or anything else that you can put up on screen. Being men of various situations and needs ourselves, we can,

The Super Model of Wall Mounts

Sanus Systems Super Slim HDTV Wall Mounts

sanus-systems-super-slim-hdtv-wall-mountsWith thin being so "in" with HDTV's right now, it's no surprise that wall mounts are following suit. After all, what's the point of paying what amounts to your left arm for a TV of Calista Flockhart-like proportions, only to

Why Less Is More When Shopping For A Whopping New TV

Panasonic TC-P42X1 Viera Plasma HDTV


Since its commercial deployment over half a century ago, no bit of household technology has enraptured the attention and the desires of man like the television. After all, we are exceptionally visual creatures. A man must love

The New King of the Projector Mountain?

Samsung SP-A900


High-end home theater projectors are clearly a luxury that not every man can afford. However that doesn't preclude us from drooling like a village idiot every time the technology advances. On that note, Samsung has announced the release of it's new

Spend $12 to Kiss Cable Expenses Good Buy

Mini Display Port to HDMI

mini-dvi-port-hdmi-macbook By Gear Patrol Reader Kirk Ward So you went and bought the 13-inch MacBook based on the glowing article posted a few months ago. Kudos to you; that's a great start. The only problem is, well, (screen) size is everything and

The Most Energy Efficient Flat Panel HDTV Ever

Samsung UN46B7000 LED Green HDTV

samsung-un46b7000 Until OLED really takes off in the consumer market, LED backlit LCD screens (yes that's what these TVs are, not LED TVs) like the Samsung UN46B7000 will be riding the cutting edge of HDTV technology. That's because screens of this type

The Best TV For Your Budget

best-tv-for-your-budget The following is true: a man does not need a reason to pine for a beautiful new TV. In fact, he doesn't even need much of an excuse to treat himself to one. Sure these are challenging economic times, but save

Elgato EyeTV HDTV Tuner


Elgato-EyeTV-HDTV-Tuner_stick.jpgVoila. You're new MacBook is now a portable television with DVR. The new Elgato EyeTV DTT Deluxe TV Tuner allows you to receive digital TV via a svelte USB adaptor that includes it's own built in antenna

Sharp AQUOS 65″ Special Edition LCD HDTV


This is an embarrassingly large television. Spanning 65 inches, the Sharp AQUOS Special Edition will light up your home viewing experience with blistering 27,000:1 dynamic contrast ration, 4 ms response time, 1080p resolution, 120Hz frame rate conversion, 15w speakers, built-in HDTV tuner, and an

2008 Pioneer Kuro Elite Plasma HDTV


Say hello to my massive friend. The newly announced 60 inch Pioneer Elite Kuro Plasma and it's smaller siblings, rolling into our hearts and living rooms this June. The second-generation Kuro plasmas will have 5x deeper black levels than the previous dark-as-hell Kuro

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Sharp ACQUOS LC-32D62U

When it comes to LCD televisions Sharp takes no prisoners. Setting the standard for resolution, clarity and sheer hotness Sharp knows their flat panels. The full 1080p (full high definition folks, none of this 720p business) AQUOS has dramatic black levels

Samsung LN-Series 52-inch LCD HDTV

Samsung LN-S5296D 52 This 52 inch monstrosity brings it in strong with features you're not going to find very common in this price range. And for that reason, we're keen on this Samsung beauty. The simple piano black bezel and glass lip do exactly