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Today in Gear: May 23, 2017

New Nike Air Max sneakers, a hi-fi speaker system, a giant stand-up paddleboard and much more.

What's New, Now

Today in Gear: May 16, 2017

Heat-formed wireless earbuds, an absurdly luxurious survival bag, a portable digital guitar and much more.

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Gear Patrol's gift guide to the 16 best tech and gadget gifts under $50 available in 2014.

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Today in Gear: May 21, 2014

Today in gear: Mircosoft's latest attempt to kill your laptop once and for all, Clif's new Builder's bars, Dodge's Challenger SRT Hellcat, a Stone IPA with the String Cheese Incident, Ursa Major's travel solution to a dirty face and Twelve South's new HoverBar for practically every iPad under the sun.


Today in Gear: March 12, 2014

Today in Gear, we look at quality headphones on a budget, a craft beer drinking app, biological shoes, a magnetic case for your iPad mini, shoe horns and more.


Today in Gear: March 5, 2014

Today in Gear we check out 12 Years A Slave, Lance Armstrong's deception, a speaker that listens to you, Lexus's newest sports car and more.


Today in Gear: September 4, 2013

Wahoo RFLKT Bike Computer iPhones are terrific for on-the-go micro-computing, what with the multitude of apps and the fly interface. But even the ubiquitous multitouch Apple treasure can get unwieldy — on a bike, say. The Wahoo Fitness device runs on a coin battery, pairs with iPhones via Bluetooth and the Wahoo Fitness app, and...

Chargers without borders

Twelve South PlugBug World

During his 2011 WWDC keynote address, Steve Jobs, introducing the latest round of Cupertino gold, said over and over “It just works”, which is a pretty fair summation of what makes Apple products Apple products. But the problem with electronics, Apple or not, is they only work if they have power (your move, Tim Cook)....

Double Duty

Twelve South PlugBug

The third rule of Roadgo Dynamics dictates that the more gadgets you own, the more power cables you’re saddled with when it’s time to travel. Upon your arrival, finding enough available wall outlets is then about as easy as telling your better half she’s gained weight. The fine mac accessory makers at Twelve South have...

MacBook Desktop

BookArc MacBook Desktop Stand

Working off a laptop is fast becoming the de facto for many computer users. Portability, power, and price have reached the point where even power nuts have some sort of portable option. Problem is, when you’re working at a desk on a large screen monitor like we do at the GP offices, a laptop suddenly...

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