Prepare to space out

Kit: Tools for Clutter-Free Lifestyle

Winter is always a season for reflection, particularly when it comes to your personal space. An influx of family, gifts and food leave most wondering where it all went. Take advantage of the extended time indoors by reorganizing your living situation with these clutter killing solutions and remind yourself about just how good home can be.

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Today in Gear: October 2, 2013

Etiquette Clothiers + Mark McNairy Boot Socks What happens when Italian woolen luxury meets rugged/preppy designs from a lauded American master? Luxurious, attractive boot socks, that’s what. Only a few colorways, all comfy, all handsome. Stick your feet in these — just make sure you’ve got boots that’ll live up to the standard they set....

Essentials for the overnight

Kit: Sleeping Over

Your best side has shined brightly -- maybe brighter than you ever thought possible. You've been entertaining and engaging, listened patiently and laughed persuasively, doted and dated your way to the final exam: sleeping over. Clearly, you've done something right, but the light at the end of the tunnel still beckons. Though confidence has gotten you this far, now you'll be playing on her turf, and that requires backup. Bring these items and prepare for the best.

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Up Where We Belong

Twelve South HiRise

If your iMac needs a pedestal upgrade from its current almanac/cigar box, the Twelve South HiRise ($80) is a more than suitable replacement. Providing proper height adjustment for your display, the HiRise is perfect for people who like their necks and don’t enjoy performing impersonations of Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein. The HiRise’s internal metal...

Conceal and carry

TwelveSouth BackPack 2

Can a simple sliver of steel transform your desk organization? It just might. Harnessing the power of fulcrum and gravity, the TwelveSouth BackPack 2 ($35) transforms your otherwise inert iMac or Cinema Display arm into a convenient parking spot for your Apple devices or peripherals. With vertical support pegs, built-in cable management, and multiple mounting...

Peripheral pairings


If the idea of pairing your Mac’s keyboard and trackpad using wood isn’t your thing, then consider TwelveSouth’s minimalist MagicWand ($29) a suitable alternative. The keyboard and trackpad snap into the MagicWand for left or right hand use, turning the two devices into a single extended keyboard, which we still don’t understand why there’s not...

MacBook Got Bass


The new Apple MacBooks manage to hold their own when it comes to sound, but anyone looking for a little oomph will be sorely disappointed by the sheer lack of bass. As is to be expected – this is a laptop we’re talking about after all. Twelve South aims to rectify that with the new...

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