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10 Umbrellas to Stay Dry in Style

An umbrella paired with classic, temperature-appropriate outerwear is and always will be the best way to stay dry and fly. With that in mind, we picked five excellent umbrellas that run the gamut from compact to full-sized.

Way better than a trashbag with armholes

Davek Elite Umbrella

The Davek Elite Umbrella is one you'll be proud to carry, and unlike the Big-Top-schemed giant golf umbrella you got for free last year, it'll stand up to most serious winds. Plus, it carries with it an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

A Different Kind of Motivation for Making It Rain

Barbour Tartan Umbrella

We know what you’re going to say. It’s another day on Gear Patrol, and they’re sharing another Barbour product. We’re also keenly aware that most of you are perfectly fine using a $5 standard black umbrella you picked up on the street. For the small subset of you though who enjoy using a rainy day...

If The US Postal Service Played Golf, This Would Be Their Umbrella.

Davek Golf Umbrella

When Gear Patrol decided to test out The Davek Golf, the newest umbrella from Davek, my emotions ran the full gamut. First I was excited, as GP has covered the Davek Solo and found it quite keen. Then I realized that a true product test would require my venturing out into adverse weather conditions. Sigh....

Unbreakable Walking-Stick Umbrella

That umbrella sitting in the corner of your room may be able to take on the rain, but can it take on a 200 pound man in an a street fight first? Yeah, didn’t think so. The street legal Unbreakable Umbrella is a 1 lb 11 oz brolly that can hit with the force of...

Davek Solo Umbrella

Sure, it’s nice that your $5 umbrella sitting on the floor behind your car seat opens when you press that shoddy little square silver plastic button, but it also has the lifespan of one wind gust. Whether you’re in London, the brolly carrying capitol or just need a quality coverage right when the rain breaks...

Ambient Umbrella

If it’s going to rain the first thing you look for is your umbrella. The problem is you often don’t know when it is going to rain so why not have your umbrella tell you when you need it? The Ambient Umbrella from Ambient technologies does just that. It’s handle is equipped with a wireless...

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