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This Week In Gear: August 2, 2014

This Week in Gear: Indian's new motorcycle, Laphroaig Select, Denon's Dolby Atmos speakers, Yeti's new mountain bike and much more.

The Color of Money

Go Green

Navy is timeless but also occupies half your closet, black is reserved (or only for funerals if you live in Nantucket), red’s too loud (again, Nantucket), yellow’s way too loud, but green -- green is money. In the right shade, green can be more exciting than blue but, as hunters know, it can also be perfect for blending in. Our favorite shade -- somewhere between forest and kelly -- pops up on everything and is a handsome livery. Here are a few highlights.


Today in Gear: December 2, 2013

Freitag-Roy-Bag-Gear-Patrol Freitag Roy Shoulder Bag
A lot of bags purport to be sturdy and tough, but how many can say they are made of some of the sturdiest and toughest materials around? Freitag's bag is constructed of recycled truck tarps


Today in Gear: September 13, 2013

Gen-Mfg-Co-Coat-Rack-Gear-Patrol-Gear-Patrol Bozeman Coat Rack By General Manufacturing
This minimalist coat rack is essentially a two-part affair: the Michigan walnut base plate is rich and masculine, and the thick wire used to form the five "hooks" -- each with a tip


Today in Gear: August 27, 2013

mManhattan-Portage-Keith-Haring-Stuyvesant-Backpack-Gear-Patrol Manhattan Portage Keith Haring Stuyvesant Backpack
Of course this bag from Manhattan Portage is ready to swallow all manner of gear -- pockets are divided inside to allow for easy storage and access to laptops and whatever else you