USB 3.0

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Small super shooter

Point Grey Flea3 Video Camera

Video cameras have only gotten smaller and smaller, such that most people think nothing of having a low-res shooter in their phone or laptop. The Point Grey Flea3 is an ultracompact, 4k video camera with high frame rates, but that’s

Cutting-edge indeed

Victorinox SSD Knives

So-called "cloud services" hope to make transferring digital data via physical devices akin to cave painting in the near future. That hasn't stopped pocket-tool legend Victorinox from evolving the classic Swiss Army Knife to house the latest SSDs and transfer protocols.

Drive-in? Try Fly-in.

My Life on the Go: Relax

As much as we love our home theaters, they don’t exactly pack well. So, in this second part of the My Life on the Go series we decided to

The Tipping Point for USB 3.0

Buffalo Technology DriveStation USB 3.0 External Hard Drive


USB 2.0, which has dominated the computer peripheral world since 2001, is finally showing signs of replacement by the next evolution in universal serial bus goodness, naturally called USB 3.0. Speculation over it crushing the eSATA standard is still hazy, but