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Wonder Twin Powers...

iTwin USB Remote File Access

Technology geeks bring up "the cloud" about as much as Mel Gibson drops slurs on voicemail. When you parse through all the hype and dreaming, though, securely accessing files remotely from any computer you come across isn't exactly easypeasy yet. Owning

The Future of Power Outlets?

TruePower UCS Power Outlet w/ Built-In USB Ports


Wall outlets are a critical link in the technology chain which haven't received much attention in a long time. That's why we felt theTruePower UCS Power Outlet with Built in USB Ports was worth a mention, since it's a seemingly no

OWC Mercury Pro Blu-ray Drive

Hooks Up With Every Computer Imaginable, Disease Free.

OWC-Mercury-Pro-Blu-ray-Drive.jpgOne of the many down sides from the high definition video format war is that computer manufacturers (ahem Apple & Microsoft) have shown hesitancy in integrating the technology into their new line of machines. Mercifully for the

Olinari Dog Tags


This is one of this items we know could never be pawned off as a necessary purchase no matter how you explained it to someone. Of course you wouldn't need that as almost every person now has a portable USB drive and none