Today in Gear: March 14, 2013

Silence App Don’t be that guy. The Silence app for Android pulls information from your calendar and pre-set decisions (including a “white list” of calls that should always come through) to know when your phone’s Game of Thrones ringtone should stick a sock in it. Free Vapur Eclipse Your flat-pack bottle doesn’t have to look...

Slammin' Bass and Takin' Calls

V-MODA Remix Remote Headphones

The new Remix Remote Headphones (a href=”http://shop.v-moda.com/p-117-remix-remote.aspx”>$100) by V-MODA bring two much needed features to their already popular headphone line-up. Volume & play/pause controls and an omnidirectional microphone. Simple, but convenient features if you use your iPhone or iPod on the go, especially when rummaging in your pocket is not only inconvenient and puts you...

The V-Moda Vibe, Part Deux

V-Moda Vibe II Headphone/Headset

One month with the V-MODA Vibe II headphone/headset has proven two things: There is a decent combination headphone/headset solution for iPods and media players. You don’t have to compromise weight for functionality and sound quality. The V-Moda Vibe II’s are successors to the popular Vibe headphones, which a couple of the guys here at Gear...

V-Moda Vibe Red Roxx Earphones

The Vibe earphones from V-Moda bring in high quality sound and sophisticated design to the budget-minded fashionable and discretionary listener. The hand-crafted earphones use a unique “V-masque” driver that provides dynamic sound with warm, natural tones and excellent bass and isolating-out ambient sound. Three sizes of eartips are included to ensure you get the very...

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