Clean like a beast

Dyson DC44 Animal

“Animal” carries some classic connotations: The hairy drummer and all-around bad ass member of The Muppets, one half of the Legion of Doom, the most dominating tag team in wrestling history, and of course, the preeminent party movie of any generation, Animal House. There’s a new brother in this fraternity of beasts… and it’s a...

Essential Equipment for the Handy Homeowner

10 Best, Must-Have Power Tools

From the moment ancient man first wielded tools to aid in mastery over his environment, their use has been embedded in the DNA of humankind. Men, in particular, have an innate sense of the crucial need for having the proper tool for whatever job is at hand. Granted, we’ve come a long way from roasting...

I'm Bringing Sexy Vac

Dyson DC25 The Ball

I’ll start with an unapologetic confession; I freaking love to vacuum. I used to feel a bit defensive about this proclivity, as such a chore has been historically derided as a woman’s work. A discussion of gender roles notwithstanding, I now proudly say that a good vacuuming session should be an appealing task for the...

Dirty Cars Be Afraid... Very Afraid

Metropolitan Vac N’ Blo Auto Vacuum

This thing really sucks. Sorry, I couldn’t resist – cheesy and obvious. Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Company got their start in 1939 (Happy 70th Anniversary) and has grown into a multidivisional company with market share in pet grooming and drying, computer maintenance, inflators/deflators as well as car, bike, and floor care products. The Metro Vac N...

Dyson Slim DC18

Listen, you’re old enough to clean up after yourself. Stop slumming around and get your floors clean. Like the commercials promise the Dyson is suitable for every type of floor, hardly weighs anything and sucks with a incomprehensible fury. Features: Direct Drive Motorized Brush Bar Root Cyclone airflow technology Flexible Steering component 5 Year Warranty...

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