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A Vintage Car You Should Know: The Saab 96

Technically speaking, the 96 was not Saab’s first car; it wasn’t even it’s second (that’d be the 93). But the 96 and its rally wins helped put the emerging automaker on the map.

Affordable. Approachable. Lovable.

The Best Vintage Sports Car You Can Buy Right Now

They don’t go for six figures, they’re still in production, today, and they’re pretty much everywhere. The first-generation Miata is the perfect starter-vintage car.

Auction Finds

1962 Dodge Power Wagon

Some things get better with age. 55 years is enough to get completely bad-ass.

Ride Low, Ride Slow

The Joys of a Slow Sports Car

Fast cars are all well and good, but sometimes driving nirvana comes from driving a slow car within an inch of its life.

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