Stylish at any speed

Kit: Chevy Corvair Corsa

The Corsa was a sophisticated and sporty coupe that looks even better today, with far more panache points than its ordinary Corsa brother. The Corsa was a gentleman's car, for sure, but it was plenty sporty, too; the potent flat six engine, crisp sheet metal and luxurious interior meant that not just anyone would look right in the driver's seat. You'll need to look the part -- neat and clean, 1960s business style -- while you cruise around in yours, and we've got the perfect kit.


Visol VTR Leather / Stainless steel Bar Travel Set

Who doesn’t love a icy vodka tonic on the rocks after a hard day at the office. Or taking back a Modern Aviation one sip at a time with nothing more than a good book in your left hand and a drink in your right. Well, what’s worse than having neither when you’re on the...

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