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The end of everyday outdoor cycling weather creates a fork in the road: some choose to move to a winter regimen that builds on the past year; others veer off to partake in holiday cheer and return to riding when the snow melts. While we’re no strangers to mulled wine and a sweater with reindeer on it, we know from experience that breaking for winter makes having a strong race season much more difficult. Rather than risking disaster on icy roads, consider one of these indoor trainers to keep pedaling through the off-season.

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Today in Gear: September 4, 2013

Wahoo RFLKT Bike Computer iPhones are terrific for on-the-go micro-computing, what with the multitude of apps and the fly interface. But even the ubiquitous multitouch Apple treasure can get unwieldy — on a bike, say. The Wahoo Fitness device runs on a coin battery, pairs with iPhones via Bluetooth and the Wahoo Fitness app, and...


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