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Just as bright, without the white

IdeaPaint CLEAR

IdeaPaint, creators of the brilliant whiteboard-anywhere technology have now concocted a new iteration that looks even better: IdeaPaint CLEAR ($225+). Brace yourself, doodlers, because now you can turn any surface, of any color into a writing station. Specifically, CLEAR is a certified low-emission and LEED-compliant finish that goes over any interior paint (or wood) to...

A Better Way to Show Where You've Been

You Me, the Royal We | Places on Earth Print

Brooklyn, NY based, You and Me, The Royal We, a 3 man strong studio offers well-crafted of small run, high quality goods. As a matter of fact there’s really only 6 products: ironic exploded-diagram prints of a drill and table saw, wood belt , bark buckle, all occasion cards, and

Drywall = Dry Erase


Sure, chalkboard paint is a unique way to turn any wall into a writing surface, but what about those fiending for a surface on which to use dry-erase markers? IdeaPaint by Behance makes that a reality for your home or office. The IdeaPaint kit includes enough paint to cover a 25 sq ft surface, a...

Right Brain Terrain Alternative Motivational Posters

Cheesy motivational posters rarely do anything more than perpetuate cliché sentiments and Office Space quotes. If you’re looking for some decor for your home office (besides a vintage map), then take a look at Right Brain Terrain’s Alternative Motivational Posters. They’ve got a nice lithograph feel to them and manage to conjure up notions of...

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