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It's hip to be square

Kickstarter: Square by CleanBottle

When was the last time you thought about your water bottle? When it leaked? When your water started tasting funky? Well, the Square by CleanBottle may be the first bottle you not only think about, but covet. Developed by

Who needs matches?


Developed with the Special Forces in mind, the patented, flameless, anodized-aluminum Heatstick ($460) can quickly and turn your 1L Nalgene into a disinfecting kettle. Just attach the fuel, hit the igniter and integrate Heatstick into the included water container, or

Do good while drinking well

Miir Drinking Bottles

Did you know that more people die from drinking contaminated water than all forms of violence? What if you could help those people simply through your gear acquisitions? Now you can, with the exceptionally stylish and sleek-looking Miir Waterbottle ($15+).

Mobile Moonshine


For the moonshiner on the go -- or if you just happen to recently score a crate of Mason Jars at the local flea -- may we introduce to you the Cuppow. A collaborative project from the business

Camelbak Better Bottle


When you think of water bottles most likely Nalgene comes to mind and rightly so since they've put out a venerable product for more years than we care to remember. But Camelbak, also synonymous with hydration solutions has a bottle you should avert your