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Pocket protection

Wenger RangerGrip 90

The latest addition to Wenger's line of ergonomically-handled utility blades the RangerGrip 90 is all about the grip. Sporting a rubber grip insert within a high-visibility yellow recyclable handle, the 90 is ideal for sweaty palms in hot or tense

Hot Foot It

Wenger Boar Boot

Designed for extreme weather situations, Wenger's new Boar Boot ($250) for Fall 2010 is offically their most technically-advanced cold weather boot. Utilizing an integrated rechargeable heater, the boot provides three user-adjustable levels of heat targeted at the ball of the

Made for a Man Who Knows No Limits

Wenger Mike Horn Ranger Knife

The first question you might have about this knife is who the hell is Mike Horn? In a nutshell, Mike Horn is a certified badass from South Africa. The second question you might have is, what certifies Mike Horn as