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Allowing Those with a Habit to Trudge Through Winter

Smoking Mittens


If you haven't already been dragged out into the public square and stoned for your habit deemed socially unacceptable by do right America, thanks to these smoking mittens, at least you know your hands will have some protection during your short

Your New Fall Standby

Vince Fall/Winter 09 Line Up


With Fall just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about about cool weather looks. Vince, a high end manufacturer of sweaters and jackets, has always produced quality fall/winter wear with style in mind. This year's lineup is no exception,

The Most Versatile Piece of Headwear Ever

Merino Wool Buff


The Buff is about as simple as it gets. It's just a tube of fabric roughly 18" long, made to be the Optimus Prime of headgear (Did anyone else just think of Megan Fox?). It can transform into a balaclava, a

Work Wear for the Common Man

Thorogood Moc Toe Boots

thorogood-moc-toe-boots A good pair of boots should be in any man's wardrobe, and with work wear making a comeback, many options abound. Unfortunately, most of the companies offering such items want to charge a premium for "authentic" representations of American style. J.


Snowchains, For Your Shoes

yaktrax.jpg So, you've spent a couple hundred dollars to get yourself a nice pair of winter boots. They're made of space-grade materials, they've got soles with tread chunkier than Bigfoot, and they're waterproof down to 1000m below sea level. Then winter hits. Snow

L.L.Bean Shearling Boots

llbean-bean-shearling-boots.jpgStave off the winter wet weather with a pair of Shearling boots for the winter season. One of L.L.Bean's basics, these boots have been made since 1912 and triple-stitched together one pair at a time in Maine. Whether you're hunting, plowing the yard

Eddie Bauer 365 EB800 Fill Power Down Vest

Double Certified True European Goose Down. Sounds Nice.

Eddie-Bauer-365-EB800-Fill-Power-Down-Vest.jpgIf there's a clothing outfitter I'd like to see make a decent comeback it's Eddie Bauer. Call me old school, but the brand had the right roots, but somewhere, somehow a bunch of penny pinchers and