Briefings: Patagonia, NBA Analytics, Wine Crime, and Recipes for Spring

This week we’re reporting from Edinburgh, UK, and seeing things through the traveler’s lens (more on Edinburgh in the coming weeks). In that spirit, this week’s picks are all about seeing familiar things from a different perspective. We’ve also got two recipes that celebrate the changing of the seasons, which is exactly what happened this...

Daily Briefing: 9.30.2011

Fighting Terrorism in New York City 60 Minutes Now I Can Literally Taste the Flavor of My Words Morskoiboy The Shame of College Sports The Atlantic 10 Best Adventure Lodges in North America Outside Henry Rollins Goes to Conflict Zones In New Photo Book Wired

Daily Briefing: 8.29.2011

The Ultimate Adventure Bucket List National Geographic Finally: Feds Sign Off on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner Wired Construction Sites of Yore Architizer Hoop Dreams: The one Must See Documentary? NYTimes How Businesses Use Social Media For Recruiting Mashable Warrior: Hollywood Enters the Cage Men’s Journal

Daily Briefing: 8.25.11

Puzzlewood was Tolkien’s Inspiration for Middle-Earth. We see the Resemblance. Retronaut The Most Beautiful National Parks…as Seen from Space Wired What’s it Like to Have Your Film Flop at the Box Office? Conan the Barbarian Screenwriter, Sean Hood, Answers. Quora Playboy’s 1985 Interview with Steve Jobs Txtpost Magic Meets the iPhone in this Clever TED...

Daily Briefing: 7.28.2011

Cursed Design: Beautiful Swear Words Beautiful Swear Words Newman, 1978 The Impossible Cool Bizarre: The Future According to Josh Harris. But wait, who’s Josh Harris? (long read) The Next Web Better Learning: How Khan Academy Is Changing the Rules of Education Wired Architecture of Mies van der Rohe: The Master of Modern (long read) Port...

Daily Briefing: 7.18.2011

The Portable Big Picture Show WSJ Off Duty Is Anyone There? When Your Email Goes Unanswered NYTimes Road to (capsule): A Moment with Carl Cunow of Onia Por Homme Wall of Touchscreens Makes Fleet Commander a Hutt-Size Star Wars Game Wired 30th Anniversary of Donkey Kong Slashdot World War II in Photos The Atlantic

Awesomely Geeky Projects to Share with Your Kids

Geek Dad by Ken Denmead

As a dad and as something of a geek, it’s only natural that this editor would be a fan of Wired’s GeekDad blog. It’s a parenting site like no other, as a visit is likely to kindle your nostalgic passions and to inspire you to help the next generation connect with their geek-magination. Now the...

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