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Fat Gripz

Sometimes, the smallest tweaks provide the biggest results. This is the promise made by Fat Gripz ($39), a deceptively simple yet tremendously effective piece of training gear that allows anyone to easily widen the circumference of any barbell, dumbbell, chin-up

Perfect Pullup


Chances are, there's a pull up bar somewhere in your home that doesn't really do much more than provide a place to hang your clothes or do a few basic pullups. perfect-pullup-machine.jpgHence the need to for the

Power Sox – The Edge

Better Performance, One Foot at a Time

power-sox-the-edge.jpgAthletic socks are the red-headed stepchildren of the fitness apparel world. It’s a shame, really. I’ve seen it countless times; guys will drop bundles on moisture-wicking clothing and expensive sneakers, then they proceed to slip

Kinetic by Kurt – Rock and Roll

Kurt-Kinetic-Rock-and-Roll.jpg I'm all about finding a dual purpose for products. Granted, my desire for an iPhone with a built-in bottle opener hasn't come to fruition, but I imagine someone is hard at work devising such a beast. Until then, I'll settle for music. Recently, I sold

Revising Your Fitness Routine

Routines Are Good, Change Is Better

Ed: The face one might expect when seeing Patrick at the gym.

I’ll be the first to endorse developing a routine at the gym. Repeating exercises week to week allows


Add Equal Parts Land and Sea

Marvelous engineering masks its grueling take on your body.

We're fascinated with the unique. When a new idea comes along that ingeniously combines multiple product attributes we can’t help but get

Dyna-flex Pro Plus Gyro

Around and Around We Go

The Lean Green Arm Flexing Machine

Once upon a time strengthening your forearms meant mindlessly squeezing hand grips. Since you’re not training for Over the Top (you know you've seen

The Expresso Bike

Finally, a Stationary Bike that Goes Somewhere


I’ll be the first to admit it, grinding away on some piece of exercise equipment can get a little stale. When that happens it’s hard to fully engage in your workouts, and guess what? Your results

Hydryx Hard-Core Workout Towel

Maximum Sweat Absorbtion... And Cooling

Despite its resemblance to a shamoiee, this is a towel    [click on image to enlarge]

As men, we spend boat loads of money on gym memberships, proper

Door Gym Chin Up Bar

Working out at home is an oxymoron. Why would one want to work out when there are televisions, football games on television, beer, or hell - video games? Purchasing massive home fitness equipment is often a terrible investment since the most your Bowflex will

Perfect Pushup


Pushups are one of the best ways to get your upper body in great shape through functional exercise. The Perfect Pushup simply accelerates that process by allowing your arms to rotate naturally when you do your pushups. Relatively similar to the way you

SPRI Advanced Traveling Trainer

SPRI Traveling TrainerFor those of you constantly on the go or traveling it can be difficult to find a place to exercise. Be rid of that problem for good with the SPRI Traveling Trainer. A light and portable full-body training regimen small enough

ROM – The 4-Minute CrossTrainer©

ROM - The 4-Minute CrossTrainer© Manufactured in California since 1990, the ROM is more a leap of faith into the studied design and manufacturing process of their engineering team. Their guarantee of a 4 minute no impact cardio, resistance and flexibility workout