Daily Briefing: 1.31.2012

China May Never Match America’s Creative Muscle Fast Company Falling Mad Men Esquire ACL Field Trip: Mr Porters Office A Continuous Lean Con Artist Starred in Sting That Cost Google Millions WSJ Standout Films at Sundance 2012 Cool Hunting Day 31: Invest in Leather Valet A Visit with the Worst College Basketball Team in America...

Daily Briefing: 1.18.2012 (SOPA Edition)

A Guide to SOPA WSJ Progressive Change Campaign Committee Petition PCCC End Piracy, Not Liberty Google NYTimes and LATimes Come Out Against SOPA TechDirt How SOPA Would Affect You, an FAQ CNet The President’s Challenge O’Reilly SOPA on Wikipedia Wikipedia

Daily Briefing: 9.14.2011

NASA Sets Plan for Deep-Space Rocket WSJ An Immune System Trained to Kill Cancer (long read) NYTimes How well do you see color? X-Rite Hiking Boot Spectrum Valet Best Driving Ranges in America Mens Health America’s Best Cities for Foodies Travel & Leisure American Design is Hot Core77

Daily Briefing: 8.1.2011

The Debt Crisis — What Should Congress Do? (interactive graphic) NYTimes In My Kitchen: John Turturro WSJ Shopping London | Levisons of Cheshire Street A Continuous Lean A Year Before The London Olympics, The Omega Seamaster 1948 Becomes Officially Official Hodinkee Final Destination, GIF Style: Oh Shit!: Reddit Are You A Victim Of Phantom Vibration...

Daily Briefing: 7.18.2011

The Portable Big Picture Show WSJ Off Duty Is Anyone There? When Your Email Goes Unanswered NYTimes Road to (capsule): A Moment with Carl Cunow of Onia Por Homme Wall of Touchscreens Makes Fleet Commander a Hutt-Size Star Wars Game Wired 30th Anniversary of Donkey Kong Slashdot World War II in Photos The Atlantic

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