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Today in Gear: 2013 Timekeeping Rewind

Is there a more appropriate topic to base a retrospective around than timepieces? Okay, yes, maybe a modified Delorean, but that was a rhetorical question anyhow. Few men's accessories -- indeed, few items a man could own -- say more about their owner than a watch, and it's been that


Today in Gear: November 6, 2013

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It's great to have stuff. But once you have enough stuff, keeping track of all your stuff can get dicey. Keys, wallets, bikes, babies, bags -- wait not babies -- electronics, you name it. Stick a Tile to

California Dreaming, By Way of Switzerland

A Fresh Breeze of Old-School Automotive: Xetum Kendrick Collection

The XETUM Kendrick ($995), introduced this week, is the third watch collection to be released by relative horological newcomer Jeffrey Kuo since he founded XETUM several years ago. Kuo designs his collections around a singular California-modern vision of a vintage performance aesthetic; his previous models, the Tyndall and the Stinton, were inspired by pilot watches and instruments of times gone by. While the Kendrick continues the vintage theme, it takes inspiration from classic automotive instrumentation.

Watches Made with More Than Just Time in Mind

Xetum Watches


Headquartered in San Francisco, Xetum is a rising watch brand that anyone who's into timepieces should definitely keep an eye on, especially if mid-market pricepoints represent your own personal sweet spot. Designed in the U.S. but built in Switzerland around