72 Hours

The Lowcountry's Weird Gem

72 Hours in Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is home to an eclectic mix of PBR tall boys, historic architecture and ghost stories.

Hokkaido's Largest City, Uncovered

72 Hours in Sapporo, Japan

Located on Japan’s northernmost island coast, Sapporo is mix of city nightlife, local cuisine and untouched wilderness.

Old-World Charm, New-World Fun

72 Hours in Charleston

How to make the most out of the Holy City, Charleston, South Carolina.

The Capital of One of the Richest Countries in the World

72 Hours in Abu Dhabi

Bask in the luxurious excess Abu Dhabi is known for, the world over.

Eating and Drinking in the City by the Bay

72 Hours in San Francisco

Harboring dreamers and individualists for centuries, San Francisco is a destination for anyone who loves to eat and drink.

On The Bay, Near The Mountains

72 Hours in Seattle

Formerly a place of passage for prospectors into the Yukon, Seattle still has plenty of cultural riches.

California Dreaming

72 Hours in Los Angeles

Look past the plastic, traffic and Hollywood celebs — a new L.A. is here and it's coming on strong.

Take Your Pick of Luxury or Blue-Collar Fun

72 Hours in Breckenridge

What was once a gold-rush base camp is now one of Colorado’s most iconic, down-to-earth ski towns.

20 Million New Friends Await

72 Hours in Mexico City

One of the largest cities in the world still might be one of the best-kept secrets in the Western Hemisphere.

The Jewel of the Pacific

72 Hours in Valparaíso, Chile

A triumphant rejuvenation of arts and architecture is giving the Jewel of the Pacific a new luster.

Chile Issue
What to Do in the Windy City

72 Hours in Chicago

From the Chicago School to Frank Lloyd Wright, the history of Chicago is the history of architecture in the United States.

Architecture Issue
A Weekend in the Rose City

72 Hours in Portland, OR

Portland has its fair share of quirk going on, but quirky done right is damn appealing.

A City with a New Nickname and a whole lot more

72 Hours in Toronto

That all roads lead to Toronto is, in Canada anyway, both a hard fact and a metaphorical truth. Good thing it's one of the most exciting cities on the North American continent right now.

Western Living at Its Finest

72 Hours in Sheridan

If Jackson is a millionaire cowboy's playground, Sheridan is an affluent-yet-still-accessible playground that flies comfortably under the radar.

Wyoming Issue
Vermont's Hidden Gem

72 Hours in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom

The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont offers copious amounts of outdoor recreation opportunities, great food and great beer, all within a stone's throw of New York City, Boston and Portland.

Capital of the Cowboy State

72 Hours in Cheyenne

Cheyenne makes a strong case not to skip the flyover states. The rodeos, BBQ, camping and concerts make for a healthy mix of the Old West and the modern world.

Wyoming Issue
History and Culture in South Africa's Reviving Gem

72 Hours in Johannesburg

As tourists flock to Cape Town for wine and ocean breezes, visitors to Joburg (as it is called) go to learn more about this troubled history and to see how the country, with the help of Nelson Mandela, has fought its way back and once again revealed hope to its people.

Old-World Charm, New-World Fun

72 Hours in Charleston

Back in 1864, General Sherman chose not to burn Charleston to the ground. Why? Because of its irresistible Southern charm — a trait that still thrives today.

City of Brotherly Love

72 Hours in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is an historic city -- but a visit needn't be a flashback to first-grade history. Today the City of Brotherly Love mixes modern fun with great tradition.

A Gem on the Mediterranean

72 Hours in Tel Aviv

Beautiful beaches. Cool architecture. Delicious food. Pack your bags for Tel Aviv.

A '60s Surfer's Haven on the Space Coast

72 Hours in Cocoa Beach

Off the coast of Central Florida, Cocoa Beach was the old stomping ground of America's first astronauts. Today, it's returned to its roots as a small surfing community. Here's where to stay, catch waves and eat tacos.

The Surfing Issue
City by the sea

72 Hours in Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine, like its cousin across the country, is a young city with a thriving food culture and nightlife. Come for wholesome adventures outdoors, stay for the beer and lobster rolls.

The Maine Issue
The Beat of Music City

72 Hours in Nashville

Great music, vivid history and delicious southern food don't define Nashville entirely, but they do make it one hell of a fun city to visit.

The Music Issue
Detroit Rock City, Revived

72 Hours in Detroit

Despite the state of the motoring industry and Motown, Detroit still plays hosts to one of the country's best music scenes and houses some of the world's biggest car nuts. It's a heaping dose of Americana that should be on everyone's travel list.

Visit One of the World's 7 Wonders

72 Hours in Victoria Falls

One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls is over a mile wide and 355 feet tall. Here's what to do once you get there.

Island Treasure

72 Hours in San Juan

Of all the sunscreen-smeared, piña colada-drowned Caribbean vacation destinations, Puerto Rico is easily the most underrated.

Take in The American Riviera

72 Hours in Santa Barbara

With a population of just under 100,000, Santa Barbara has a split personality: a high-end, meticulously groomed city peppered with pockets of culture and young energy.

City of Heroes

72 Hours in Leipzig

Nicknamed "Hypezig", Leipzig is Germany's best open secret, with a thriving arts scene reminiscent of early '90s Berlin. Sitting less than an hour from the capital city by train, Leipzig might also just be Europe's most accessible up-and-comer.

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