72 Hours

Old-World Charm, New-World Fun

72 Hours in Charleston

How to make the most out of the Holy City, Charleston, South Carolina.

Eating and Drinking in the City by the Bay

72 Hours in San Francisco

Harboring dreamers and individualists for centuries, San Francisco is a destination for anyone who loves to eat and drink.

On The Bay, Near The Mountains

72 Hours in Seattle

Formerly a place of passage for prospectors into the Yukon, Seattle still has plenty of cultural riches.

California Dreaming

72 Hours in Los Angeles

Look past the plastic, traffic and Hollywood celebs — a new L.A. is here and it's coming on strong.

20 Million New Friends Await

72 Hours in Mexico City

One of the largest cities in the world still might be one of the best-kept secrets in the Western Hemisphere.

What to Do in the Windy City

72 Hours in Chicago

From the Chicago School to Frank Lloyd Wright, the history of Chicago is the history of architecture in the United States.

Architecture Issue
A Weekend in the Rose City

72 Hours in Portland, OR

Portland has its fair share of quirk going on, but quirky done right is damn appealing.

Western Living at Its Finest

72 Hours in Sheridan

If Jackson is a millionaire cowboy's playground, Sheridan is an affluent-yet-still-accessible playground that flies comfortably under the radar.

Wyoming Issue
Vermont's Hidden Gem

72 Hours in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom

The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont offers copious amounts of outdoor recreation opportunities, great food and great beer, all within a stone's throw of New York City, Boston and Portland.

A Gem on the Mediterranean

72 Hours in Tel Aviv

Beautiful beaches. Cool architecture. Delicious food. Pack your bags for Tel Aviv.

City by the sea

72 Hours in Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine, like its cousin across the country, is a young city with a thriving food culture and nightlife. Come for wholesome adventures outdoors, stay for the beer and lobster rolls.

The Maine Issue
The Beat of Music City

72 Hours in Nashville

Great music, vivid history and delicious southern food don't define Nashville entirely, but they do make it one hell of a fun city to visit.

The Music Issue
Island Treasure

72 Hours in San Juan

Of all the sunscreen-smeared, piña colada-drowned Caribbean vacation destinations, Puerto Rico is easily the most underrated.

Take in The American Riviera

72 Hours in Santa Barbara

With a population of just under 100,000, Santa Barbara has a split personality: a high-end, meticulously groomed city peppered with pockets of culture and young energy.

City of Heroes

72 Hours in Leipzig

Nicknamed "Hypezig", Leipzig is Germany's best open secret, with a thriving arts scene reminiscent of early '90s Berlin. Sitting less than an hour from the capital city by train, Leipzig might also just be Europe's most accessible up-and-comer.

The World Laid Bare

72 Hours in the Faroe Islands

These islands are small -- about the size of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket combined -- but they're rich in mystical views and some of the best seafood in the world.

The Adventure Capital of the World

72 Hours in Queenstown

Queenstown is the adventure capital of the world. But it's also teeming with Kiwi culture and culinary arts.

The New Zealand Issue
Among the Red Rock Spires (and Power Vortexes)

72 Hours in Sedona

A town of 10,000 people at 4,000 feet, Sedona stuns its visitors with its breathtaking red sandstone formations. It's also a supposed center of spiritual healing, attracting an array of New Age thinkers, fortune-tellers and psychics.

Summer Preview 2015
Skip the Crowds

72 Hours in Saba

Visiting a minuscule Caribbean Island without beaches might sound limiting, but the small size, absence of beaches and lack of infrastructure is exactly what earns Saba its nickname: the “Unspoiled Queen".

Traditional Japan at its Finest

72 Hours in Kyoto

As the former imperial capital of Japan, Kyoto is filled with more than 1,600 Buddhist temples and hundreds of Shinto Shrines, and has a restricted skyline dominated by imperial architecture.

Adventure Capitol of the West

72 Hours in Jackson, Wyoming

Looking to ski during the day and do-si-do with vacationing snow bunnies at night? Jackson, Wyoming might be your kind of town.

Laissez les bon temps rouler

72 Hours in New Orleans

Where to stay, what to eat and what to do with 72 hours in New Orleans.

Portugal's majestic islands

72 Hours in the Azores

The Azores, a chain of nine islands just west of Portugal, are a melting pot of landscapes and cultures, evoking Hawaii, Scandinavia, Seattle and Wisconsin in the space of an hour.

The Capital of Scotland

72 Hours in Edinburgh

A quick travel guide to Scotland's wonderful capital city.

The Scotland Issue
Inner Hebrides, Outer Reaches

72 Hours in the Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye is not your average island getaway. But if it's adventure you seek, board a ferry at once.

The Scotland Issue
Cracking Scotland's Largest City

72 Hours in Glasgow

Glasgow: where you can visit a 600-year-old university one moment and pound lagers at a blues bar the next.

The Scotland Issue
A City That's More Than a Mile High

72 Hours in Denver

Denver isn't just good breakfast and a gateway to good pow -- or America's favorite city with legalized marijuana. It's also a hotbed of killer dining, host to a booming culture scene, and a new destination for startups and venture capital. 300 days of sunshine a year, green space around every turn (parks, that is), and proximity to said slopes doesn't hurt either. Our local expert weighs in with the latest installment of 72 Hours.

Travel Guide
Make It Happen

72 Hours in Lisbon, Portugal

The vibrant Portuguese capital is experiencing a cultural renaissance, fueled by a creative society motivated to lead the city out of economic decay.

Travel Guide
Precious metals, mountain gem

72 Hours in Park City, Utah

Park City’s reputation as a winter resort is outsized: It was the home of skiing and snowboarding events during the 2002 Winter Olympics in nearby Salt Lake City; it remains the training grounds for the United States Ski Team; and it plays host to the Sundance Film Festival. We came for the latter, but we found an idyllic mountain town where the sun shines almost every day, an unironic trolley rambles along Main Street and beautiful women wear leggings and fur vests. Need a little help planning a long weekend there? We’ve got you covered.

The Sundance Issue
Come for the Uranium, Stay for the Adventure

72 Hours in Moab

Forty miles south of an absolutely barren stretch of I-70 on the Colorado-Utah border sits the unlikely adventure travel capital of the Southwest desert. What Moab, Utah lacks in vegetation it makes up for in the sheer volume of red-rock activities local adrenaline junkies have dreamed up. We came to Moab with one thing in mind: to summit Ancient Art Tower -- but our free days were easily filled with stunning hikes in Arches National Park, exceptional sport climbing and bouldering along the Colorado river, and more than few local craft beers and wines.

20 years later, correspondent Jason Heaton rediscovers the Francisco Morazan

72 Hours in South Manitou Island

The wreck of the Francisco Morazan lies 300 yards off the southeast coast of Michigan’s South Manitou Island. Most of her torn bulk rises out of Lake Michigan, home to a loud and smelly community of gulls and cormorants. From the beach, the wreck looks tantalizingly close until your bare feet touch the icy water...

Cidade Maravilhosa

72 Hours in Rio de Janeiro

Preface: Recently, on an invitation from our friends at Veuve Clicquot, we ventured 4,800 miles south to Rio de Janerio, or what its Portuguese forebearers serendipitously misnamed River of January. Seeking insight and photographic proof of Rio’s reputation for both vice and enchantment, we discovered a city quivering to the beat of music and culture,...

River Deep, Mountain High

72 Hours in Olympic National Park

Starting a campfire in a rainforest is no easy chore. I summoned up some backcountry knowledge gleaned from watching the Discovery Channel and gathered a handful of “old man’s beard,” the moss that droops Dr. Seuss-like from the limbs of trees. “Good tinder,” I remembered Bear Grylls saying, as I laid a healthy bed of...

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