Fixed Gear, and No Fear

Night Cycling in Seoul

Chasing a fixed-gear racer through the streets of South Korea's capital.

Artist Geoff McFetridge Explores the World's Nuanced Moments

Bold Simplicity in Graphic Art

Anonymous people, bold shapes, off-kilter circles and muted colors make up McFetridge's most recent NYC show. Go inside the mind of the artist.

A Cornerstone of Analog

Remembering the 16mm Bolex

Otello Diotallevi reminisces on his life as a technician for Bolex, maker of legendary film cameras.

Enjoying the Ride with Pro Photographer Matthew Lawless

The Adventure of Shooting Film

It's about finding the perfect shot, taking a bit more time, and rolling the dice with some expired film.

A Complex Thought Puzzle, with Four Wheels

Are Self-Driving Cars Ethical?

What do you do when the outcomes of auto accidents are decided years in advance, by programmers?

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