Fixed Gear, and No Fear

Night Cycling in Seoul

Chasing a fixed-gear racer through the streets of South Korea's capital.

A Cornerstone of Analog

Remembering the 16mm Bolex

Otello Diotallevi reminisces on his life as a technician for Bolex, maker of legendary film cameras.

Enjoying the Ride with Pro Photographer Matthew Lawless

The Adventure of Shooting Film

It's about finding the perfect shot, taking a bit more time, and rolling the dice with some expired film.

A Complex Thought Puzzle, with Four Wheels

Are Self-Driving Cars Ethical?

What do you do when the outcomes of auto accidents are decided years in advance, by programmers?

Alaska's Essential Transportation

The Bush Pilots of Ketchikan

The storied past of Alaska's bush pilots is told by dispatchers, mechanics and the pilots themselves in this Emmy-nominated film.

Alf Lovvold's Digital Rendering Tour de Force

Building the Fake Movie Trailer of the Year

Alf Lovvold's fictitious movie trailer demonstrates how hard work and advanced computer animation can make a movie a (flashy-as-hell) one-man job.

No Stage Required

The Gas Station Cowboy

With a gas station as his stage, one elderly man uses country music to share his love of performing.

Peace Park 2014

Fostering Creativity in Snowboarding

Danny Davis wants to bring soul back to snowboarding through Peace Park, an innovative snowboard park built by Snow Park Technologies.

Releasing the Inner Animal

A Sculptor’s Self Reflection, in Animal Form

Beth Cavener’s creative process as a sculptor embodies her unique upbringing and her inner struggle. Her way to cope has found its form in the shape of those not quite human.

Leave the Swamp Be

Keeping the Land Wild in the Heart of Alabama

Thomas Wilson is the environmental advisor for Perry Lakes Park, a secluded swamp in the center of Alabama. It has remained untouched by commercialism, and he's working to keep it that way.

The Wild

A Teen Surf Phenom Shows Off in 6K

Winner of the 2015 REDirect Surf Film Festival, "The Wild" welcomes a new age in surf and cinematography in its most dynamically bad-ass form.

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