This guide has been updated with our selections for 2016.

These days, there’s no excuse to be sedentary. With all the robust technology to cheerlead you to activity (one step, good work!), you no longer have to rely on the Rocky-era pen and paper to record your workouts. Trackers both obtain and retain all your precious fitness data, and they provide analyses of it so you can see improvement and have some hard facts to back those impressive endurance claims.

And, perhaps best of all, most trackers today are not only sleek, but fashionable — so you can track calories burned, sleep quantity and quality, heart rate and steps taken without looking conspicuous or unstylish.

Additional contribution by AJ Powell.

Mio Fuse


The Mio Fuse is a simple activity tracker that comes with two modes, one for working out and one for tracking everyday activities like how many steps you’ve taken. It also tracks heart rate, pace and distance. Wearers can set up a goal meter, via its compatible app, that shows how close you are to reaching your daily goal. The interface to scroll through the modes and displays is simple, utilizing two buttons and a red led display. For an affordable tracker that has a built-in display, you can’t go wrong with the Fuse.

Compatibility: Android, iOS
Tracks: Sleep, resting heart rate, all-day tracking of calories, steps and distance, heart rate and pace during workouts
Features: Compatible with a host of smartwatches and bike computers
Battery Life: 6-7 days
Water Resistance: 30 meters

Jawbone UP4


Jawbone has a way of designing the hell out of their tech for optimal handsomeness, but the UP4 is far more than just a pretty face. Jawbone states that it is an “advanced multi-sensor platform” with a tri-axis accelerometer, bioimpedance sensors and skin and ambient temperature sensors. Those specs make it one of the most advanced trackers available. And it’ll keep its charge for a full week. It’s also water resistant, and with a secure anodized aluminum bracelet it stays put during vigorous activity. The UP4 is essentially the same as the UP3, but with the added benefit of near-frequency paying for those with American Express cards.

Compatibility: Android, iOS
Tracks: steps, calories, continuous heart rate, sleep, perspiration, body mass index and hydration
Features: automatic workout recognition and logging, smart alarm, NFC pay with American Express
Battery Life: up to 7 days
Water Resistance: 10 meters / 30 feet

Misfit Shine 2


The second iteration of Misfit’s Shine fitness tracker, the Shine 2, features even more great features, at an affordable price point. A vibrating alarm can be programmed to wake you up in the morning and get you out of bed and into the gym. It’ll track the amount and quality of your sleep, allowing you to dissect your sleep habits and improve them over time. A nice addition is the Shine 2’s ability to alert you to incoming calls and texts by vibrating and displaying a series of LED lights. You’ll still have to take out your phone, but you’ll know you received a call (or text) even if your phone is in your backpack.

Compatibility: iOS, Android
Tracks: steps, calories burned, distance, activity types, sleep quality and duration
Features: 3-axis accelerometer and magnetometer
Battery Life: Up to 6 months
Water Resistance: Up to 50 meters

Basis Peak


The Peak is a vast improvement over its B1 predecessor, which was as thick as Popeye’s forearms and less user-friendly. The design is futuristic without looking too nerdy, thanks to the leaner, squarish case and the dark, textured silicone straps. The built-in heart rate sensor is accurate for a wrist-based monitor, and the goals and achievements are tailored to the user, lending a more personal feel. It could use a bump in the app department, since it can’t track diet and doesn’t sync with third-party apps. But, since it can receive smartphone notifications, perhaps you can set up calendar events to remind you to drop the doughnut.

Compatibility: iOS, Android
Tracks: workouts, heart rate, steps, sleep
Features: real-time heart rate tracking, email/SMS/Calendar/phone alerts, automatic workout recognition
Battery Life: 4 days
Water Resistance: 51 meters / 169 feet

Polar Fitness A360


While the A360 isn’t small, what it lacks in a slim design it makes up for in features. One of the more beneficial features is its optical heart rate sensor that works well, even while swimming. (Many heart rate sensors don’t work well when submerged; the Polar A360 is surprisingly accurate.) Its touchscreen makes navigating modes and displays easy (though, note, the screen doesn’t work when wet or submerged). The A360 also features smart coaching, which can help you to fine-tune your workouts and make better use of your training time. The Polar Flow app that the A360 pairs with is one of the best we’ve seen, with comprehensive graphs and data logs as well as a calendar that shows your historical data to chronicle how you’ve improved.

Compatibility: iOS, Android
Tracks: steps, distance traveled, calories, sleep, heart rate
Features: comprehensive mobile app, touch screen, optical heart rate sensor
Battery Life: up to 2 weeks
Water Resistance: 30 meters

Moov Now


The Moov Now automatically tracks your workouts, offers motivation and corrects you with immediate feedback. If your stride is too short, it’ll tell you how to correct it — while you’re running. Right hook form needs work? It’ll tell you that, too. The nine-axis motion sensor measures and records specific movements and the real-time audio coach (who sounds a lot like Siri) gives you the feedback. The development team is working on adding even more activities to the Moov’s repertoire in addition to running, walking, cardio boxing and swimming. Plus, you can attach it just about anywhere with the included wrist and ankle straps. Just keep in mind that if you hate being corrected, you might end up giving the Moov that right hook.

Compatibility: iOS, Android
Tracks: sleep, steps, automatic workout recognition
Features: real-time fitness coaching and feedback, ankle and wrists straps
Battery Life: 7 days (time and daily activity), 8 hours (continuous recording)
Water Resistance: 10 meters / 32 feet

Garmin Vívosmart HR


The Vívosmart HR is one of the most accurate running trackers on the market. It keeps track of distance, time, heart rate and calories burned. It’ll also show smart notifications from your phone, such as incoming texts and calls, so you don’t get separation anxiety. For runners, this Garmin is ideal. But if you’re looking to track other activities as well, the Vívosmart probably isn’t your pick.

Compatibility: iOS and Android
Tracks: sleep, all-day steps, calories burned, distance traveled, floors climbed, intensity minutes
Features: push notifications for email, calls, texts, calendar events, ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart
Battery Life: 5 days
Water Resistance: 5 ATM

Apple Watch Sport


Apple’s Watch Sport is a smartwatch that happens to be a fitness tracker, but the company has ensured the Apple Watch does its fair share to keep your health on track. It has the ability to track steps, floors and activity level — and it can prod you to move if you’re sedentary for over an hour. It also has the nifty Activity app with three rings: Move (calories burned), Exercise (minutes of brisk activity) and Stand (time spent standing versus sitting) and can track elapsed time, distance, calories, pace, and speed for running, cycling and elliptical. There’s no swimming, though, since the Apple Watch has limited water resistance.

Compatibility: iOS
Tracks: steps, floors, activity, sitting/standing
Features: touch and color screen, wi-fi, GPS, built-in heart rate sensor, personal feedback and progress
Battery Life: 24 hours
Water Resistance: n/a

Fitbit Charge HR


The Charge HR leads the — well — charge for the most comprehensive fitness tracker of the bunch. Not only is this iteration better designed than the original Charge (the clasp is much more secure), it also offers continuous heart rate tracking, incredibly accurate step tracking and automatic sleep tracking. The crisp OLED screen has caller ID, so you can either stop your workout to take an important call or just continue on without interruption. Integration with Fitbit’s own software is simple, and you can even throw down with your friends via the included Fitbit Challenges. See? It’s not just about tracking, it’s about bragging rights.

Compatibility: iOS, Android
Tracks: workout, steps, stairs, heart rate, distance, calories, active minutes, sleep
Features: time and caller ID display, alarm, strap-free heart rate sensor, running routes, stats, workout summaries
Battery Life: 4-5 days
Water Resistance: 10 meters / 32 feet