Men started using metal blades to shave their faces around 3,000 BC when copper became the medium of choice for all things utilitarian. Since then, shaving has advanced to electric razors that clean and lubricate themselves, cool your skin, play satellite radio, and that soon will (ostensibly) update your twitter feed. While it’s swell that the process has become more automated, the end goal is ultimately the same: get the damn hair off your face.

With that in mind, there’s something to be said for the simplicity of a straight razor shave. In spite of all the gadgets available to the millennial man, the straight razor market is stronger now than it’s ever been; even Bond used one in Skyfall. It may involve a little bit of blood at first and a few extra minutes of work, but using a straight razor makes for a close shave and involves a routine that feels timeless and empowering. If you’re ready to step up your shave game, here are the top five straight blades you ought to consider.

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