Growlers offer unique advantages that bottles don’t, chief among them the ability to fill up straight from a tap repeatedly. At many local breweries, they’re the only way to bring home the suds. At family-owned and operated Trillium Brewing Company in Boston, for example, only the Pot and Kettle is available by the bottle; for everything else, including the flagship pale ale, Fort Point, you’ve got to pull straight to the growler. Of course, there are other reasons to own a growler: they’re easier to carry than the equivalent volume in individual bottles, and they generate less waste. When you get down to it, a small investment in a beer jug opens up a whole world of local microbrews — and these are the five best 64-ounce (4-pint) growlers for your money. Just remember that once you open the cap, the beer’s only at its peak freshness for about 24 hours.

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