Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and that means it’s time to shed the earth tones, get back in shape and plan some epic adventures during the all-too-short sunny season. It’s also time to put away your more serious timepiece for something more casual. A good summer watch can set the tone for fun, and if you get to Labor Day without a few dings and scratches on it, you haven’t done enough.

So what makes a great summer watch? Some water resistance helps; you’re more likely to jump in a pool, get caught in a downpour or tip your canoe between June and September. Some functionality comes in handy, whether you’re navigating a trail, bagging a peak or timing a kid’s soccer game (see the Hublot below). Finally, a casual style is essential above all else. This is the season of shorts, t-shirts, and most importantly, vacation. The last thing you want on your wrist is a watch that takes itself too seriously. Save that for the fall when it’s time to get back to business. Go for some color and bold design, maybe even camouflage (we’ve got you covered for that, twice).

Here are five new watches that are ready for the mountains, the beach, or just manning the grill. Put one on and don’t take it off until Labor Day.


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